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Friday, 31 December 2021

WAR/SYSTEM-No Gods At All - (Self Released-UK-200?)

 6 tracks of fast and grinding HC punk with political lyrics by this british combo active around 2007/2011, and I am not sure if they are still playing. A Discogs page about them is  here yet this CD-r is not listed there.

Enjoy it.

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Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Fracture N11- (Magazine-UK-2000)

 Fantastic free magazine made in Cardiff (Wales) in a print-run of over 5000 copies.I have, already, posted the number 4 released in October 1998.

In ths issue long and intersting interviews to Oi Polloi, Karl Fieldhouse, The Tone, Brezhnev, Month Of Birthdays + columns, letters, rants, pictures and tons of music and zine reviews. A very big and fat magazine full of surprises.

Enjoy it.

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Monday, 27 December 2021

OPTIMUM WOUND PROFILE - Silver Or Lead - (Roadrunner Records-USA-1993)


Optimum Wound Profile were an industrial metal band from Ipswich, England, active between the years 1991-1996. Combining elements of metal, crust punk, and sampling/programming technologies they released three albums and toured across Europe.

Formed in 1991 by guitarist Roki and vocalist Phil Vane, the pair quickly recruited Simon Finbow (vocals) and Ian Barnard (bass), followed by Dom Cattermole on drums. Picked up by an Ipswich promoter shortly after forming, the band entered the studio in the middle of 1991 to record two demos. On the strength of these OWP signed to Roadrunner Records at the end of the year.

Optimum Wound Profile's first album, Lowest Common Dominator, was released in the summer of 1992, and received positive reviews in Kerrang! and other music press. Featuring Niall Corr on drums, who had replaced the departed Dom Cattermole, the band's sound at this point was a hybrid of hardcore punk and industrial metal. A successful European tour, with Jason Whittaker of Whiteslug replacing Snapa Harvey, followed the release before the band returned to the UK to begin work on the follow-up.

Silver Or Lead was released in mid-1993 to much critical acclaim, and entered the UK Rock Chart at number 11, where it stayed for several weeks. This album saw the band's sound take a much more metal turn. By this stage all of the drums were programmed. The album was produced by Colin Richardson, who has worked with Slipknot, Machine Head and Bullet For My Valentine among a host of others. Another successful European tour followed, but Roadrunner Records declined the option of a third album.

In 1994, OWP signed to We Bite Records and in January 1995 released Asphyxia. Having parted company with Phil Vane, all vocals were provided by Simon Finbow. The album was the band's most critically acclaimed release to date.

Optimum Wound Profile spent two years after the release of Asphyxia writing a fourth album, 'Cult Of Saints 1425'. Only demo versions of these songs exist as the band decided to split up in 1996.

In 2007, Metal Mind Productions licensed the first two OWP albums from Roadrunner Records for re-release in August the same year.

Late in 2007 Optimum Wound Profile reformed with former members Simon, Roki and Jason being joined by Barnie Mills (bass) and Malcolm Peck (drums), to concentrate on the unreleased Cult Of Saints album. The band entered the recording studio for the first time in twelve years in spring 2008 to record demos. The project has since been put on hold.

Roki (Martyn Peck), Simon Finbow, Dom Cattermole and Mark Schorah now play in post-rock band These Are End Times. Phil Vane continued to sing for Extreme Noise Terror until his death in February 2011.[3] Jason Whittaker and Martyn Peck also run Antigen Records, whose roster includes Henry Homesweet, The Waxing Captors, John Callaghan, Earth Mother F*cker, These Are End Times, Sealionwoman, Jack Rundell and Optimum Wound Profile. 

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Saturday, 25 December 2021

ASSRASH - Save For Your Doomed Future - (Profane Existence-USA-1995)

 Legendary 7inch by the raw punk crusties Assrash, they started in the early 90’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota playing hard raw punk with songs about getting drunk, anger, and political anthems.It was relesed on the famous Profane Existence  DIY punk rock collective formed in 1989 and based in the United States by Dan Siskind and a number of others. They run Profane Existence Records which releases anarcho-punk style releases from bands throughout the world. They also release "Profane Existence" magazine as well as operating Profane Existence Distribution.

All the graphics included in the folder and I left these tunes as waves. 

Enjoy it.

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Thursday, 23 December 2021

v.a. - UNITED - (Bandcamp-France-2021)

In June 2021 the French police attacked a rave party near Redon (Fr) with massive violence. They destroyed a lot of equipment and many people got injured and traumatized.
With this album we want to show our solidarity with all the victims of police brutality.
You can buy the digital album including 24 tracks on Bandcamp.
All the profit goes to the victims.
 This is the compaliation made to support the sound system after the riot and violence managed by the french police during Redon free party, on 21st june 2020.
Such a violence is and will never be justified, and by bying this compilation you will help the sounds system to keep their independance, their freedom, and their motivation to make you dance. All tracks are made from different artists from differents countrys and have been gently given by them for this occasion.THANKS A LOT TO EVERYBODY INVOLVED IN THIS COMPILATION!!! Let
s rave!!
Buy the album here: click me

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Dimwit n1 -(Fanzine-France-2007)

 Short yet interesting fanzine made by Johan Rageot in France, this is the first issue in English language but He made 6 issues in French language before this one.

In its pages we`ll find  long and interesting interviews to Alcoholic Desaster from Greece and De Novissimis from Ireland + many fanzines reviews.

It is short but cool,Enjoy it.

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Sunday, 19 December 2021

EPATITE HC - Nasci,Produci,Consuma...- (Nuclear Disaster Records-Italy-2009)

 First Cd-r by this Italian combo, I have posted, already, their second Cd-r L`Incubo  released in 2011.

5 tracks of HC punk sometimes getting close to the OI Punk sounds,sung in Italian with political messages and personal lyrics,it will make happy the lovers of a certain old school punk.

Nuclear Disaster Records seems to be the personal DIY label managed by claudio, Epatite HC`s drummer.

Enjoy it.

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Friday, 17 December 2021

STEREOTAXIC DEVICE - 100 Per Day Extinct - (KK Records-Belgium-1992)

Stereotaxic Device was an American dark obscure electro band formed by George Sarah, Jennifer Williams and Rebecca Bing. After recording their first 4 song demo with guitarists Rae Dileo. Rebecca left the group to be replaced by Daniel Williams. Their self titled full length album was engineered by Biff Sanders and and featured guest guitarist Jeremy Daw on the single Lost Land. 

KK Records was a Belgian label that started with EBM/Industrial in the 2nd half of the 80s. During the 90s the style changed into some more experimental pop-electro before it dissolved around 2000.(info from Discogs)  click me




Wednesday, 15 December 2021

SWARAJ CHRONOS - Sinners - (Self Released-UK-2021)

 A new band from London (UK) mixing politcal statments and HC punk! 7 tracks of melodic HC punk with some noises and samples,female voice and lots of energy.The recording is pretty good and the music reminds me some stuff of old anarchopunk bands such as Life But How To Live It or Jingo De Lunch!

A good cd, give it a try. Enjoy it.

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Monday, 13 December 2021

MASSKONTROLL - Warpath Ep - (Havoc Records-USA-1995)


American crust punk band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in summer 1993, they released a handful of singles, one LP, and appeared on several compilations before disbanding after their European tour in November 1995.Enjoy it.
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Saturday, 11 December 2021

Bald Cactus N26-(Fanzine-UK-2008)

 N26 of this British punk zine,I have, already, posted the N17 Split with Cargo Cult zine and the N 30 released in 2013.

This issue celebrate 20 years of activities and contains interesting interviews to :Inner Terrestrials, Fuck With Fire, Social Parasites, Dick Lucas of  Subhumans/Culture Shock, Behind Enemy Lines, Pete Wright of Crass + tons of music and zine reviews and rants/political articles.It came out with a free teabag.

Andy started this zine in 1988! This is a good example of the underground press keeping the real spirit of the DIY scene very strong and healthy. Enjoy it.

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Thursday, 9 December 2021

v.a.-THE DARKEST HOUR -(Cleopatra-USA-1997)

 Amazing old CD compilation featuring a bunch of fantastic acts covering a selection of rather famous tunes!! For the fans of industrial metal, new wave, goth rock, EBM and more hybrids mixing a flow of genial fantasy.

 Cleopatra is a Los Angeles-based independent record label founded in 1992 by entrepreneur and music fan, Brian Perera.
Brian acquired his love for the music business by becoming an active participant in the Los Angeles club scene through the 1980/90's. The label was officially launched with three releases, Pressurehed (a space rock band from the SF bay area), followed by the release of Motörhead's "On Parole". The third release, was actually a series of reissues by electronic pioneers Kraftwerk.
They specialize in all genres, including A Capella, Acid, Adult, Aggro Rock, Ambient, Big Band, Blues, Breakbeat, Breaks, Chill, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Experimental, Gothic, Hardcore, Indie, Industrial, Krautrock, New Wave, Oi!, Punk, Reggae, Synthpop and Techno.
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1Rosetta StoneHelter Skelter
Written-By – Lennon-McCartney
2Type O NegativeParanoid
Written By – Osbourne / Iommi / Butler / Ward
3The Electric Hellfire ClubCalling Dr. Luv
Written-By – Gene Simmons
4The DamnedI Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
Written-By – Tucker*, Mantz*
5Psychic TVGood Vibrations
Written-By – Wilson*, Love*
6Christian Death featuring Rozz WilliamsPanic In Detroit
Written-By – David Bowie
7Information SocietyAre Friends Electric?
Written-By – Gary Numan
8Leæther StripLearning To Fly
Written By – Carin / Ezrin / Gilmour / Moore
9Corpus DelictiSuffragette City
Written-By – David Bowie
10Mephisto WalzWhite Rabbit
Written-By – Grace Slick
11Alien Sex FiendSilver Machine
Written By – MacManus / Calvert
12Executive SlacksRock 'n' Roll (Ultimate Glitter Version)
Written-By – Glitter*, Leander*
13Fahrenheit 451Fire
Written By – Brown / Crane / Finesilver / Ker
14Die KruppsIsolation 


Tuesday, 7 December 2021

TITO TURBINA TASTIERA FUTURISTA - T.T.T.F .-(La Misère Provoque Le Génie -Italy-1987)

Tito Trbina Tastiera Futurista is Luca Faraci, is an italian comic book author and novel author, best known for his cartoonist carreer involved in the famous Diabolik comic.

He started his music carreer in the 80's playing keyboards under the name of Tito Turbina Tastierista Futurista.

Enjoy it.

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Sunday, 5 December 2021

SCHROTT BAR Festival - (Flyer/Poster- Switzerland- 2001)

 Legendary poster/flyer of the Schrott Bar festival held at AJZ Coupole in Biel (Switzerland)  on  the 14/15 and 16 th September 2001.

Saturday, 4 December 2021

DEPRESSION - Money Chain - (Reactor Records-Australia-1984)

Depression formed some time in 1982 in Melbourne, Victoria, on the East coast of Australia. Smeer, who had been playing in the early Australian punk band The Desert Rats, met up with two locals called Liddy and Spike (no, not the girl from Degrassi). After only a short while, Depression started to play regular shows at "The John Barleycorn Hotel". After about a year of playing there, Depression began playing at "The Seaview Ballroom", a venue which became a mainstay of the Melbourne Punk/Hardcore scene. Around this time, the Dead Kennedys toured Australia, and talks between the band and Jello resulted in Depression being part of the legendary Welcome to 1984 compilation on Maximum Rock'n'Roll Records.

After being approached by Phil MacDougall of Reactor Records (Perdition, Vicious Circle, etc.), the band went into a studio and recorded three songs for $120. These songs, "Money Chain", "Soldiers Never Cry" and "World Leaders", became the Money Chain EP and the first record for Reactor Records.

In 1985, the band went into a "good" studio to record material for a full length. Hassles with printers and not obtaining the sound the band wanted resulted in a delayed release for Depression's self titled LP. Despite the delays, the record was one of the most important for the band and the Reactor Records label.

November 1985 saw the release of the band's next full length, Australia, Australia. Again on Reactor Records, this album received good reviews in the US and UK. Things were looking up for the Depression/Reactor partnership.

However, in 1986, Phil's reluctance to finance an overseas tour for the band ended the relationship and Depression and Reactor parted company. However in 1988, Depression appeared on the famous Not So Lucky Country double LP on Reactor Records. In the meantime, Depression headed in a more metallic direction, releasing the Ultra Hardcore, Mega Heavy, Punk, Metal, Thrash live album, the Thrash Till Death album and finally in 1989, the Hardcore History album which was made up of demos and early cuts.

In 1989, Depression called it a day after mixed reactions to their later work and differences within the band. Depression were one of the most successful Australian Punk/Hardcore acts from the era. (info from Discogs)  
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Friday, 3 December 2021

v.a.-Liberación (A) Través del Sonido-(Registros Sorbon-Costa Rica-2021)

Liberación (A) Través Del Sonido es el primer compilado internacional llevado a cabo por el sello independiente Registros Sorbón.
Cuenta con 14 actos de países como México, España, Chile, Malta, Italia, Costa Rica, Uruguay y Argentina con géneros que van desde el Industrial, Dark Ambient, Neo Folk, EBM, Ritual, Experimental entre otros…
El tema de este álbum es la libertad de expresión, cada acto tuvo la libertad de expresar lo que quiso.
La música en muchos casos es una terapia de liberación tanto para el escucha, como para el músico que la ejecuta, de ahí su nombre pues es a través del sonido que podemos encontrar una forma de liberarnos de todas las cargas, la negatividad, frustración, dolor, tristezas y estrés que acumulamos por el continuo sometimiento a este violento y esclavizador sistema.

¡No temas a ser libre!

released July 11, 2021 -- Cada pista fue compuesta, producida, grabada y mezclada por su respectivo acto. Masterización por: Esteban "Tenedor" Umaña. Compilado por: Registros Sorbón. Portada por: Bryan (Cradle) Villegas. Contraportada por: Cesar Hidalg.  

Registros Sorbón es un sello independiente de cassette, CD y digital, enfocado en música experimental y grabaciones de campo hazlo tu mizmx.
El Sorbón es una danza ritual de los pueblos autóctonos Bribrí y Cabecar, con mucho respeto tomo prestado su nombre como forma de tributo a estas culturas
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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

HEADFUCKER N4 - (Fanzine-Italy-1997)

 Magnificent fanzine made in Italy but all in English language, this issue strong with its 48 pages has an incredible section of music reviews + lots of long and interesting interviews(see table of contents),amazing graphics - drawings and pictures. It`s all about metal especially death metal...a great example of  astonishing underground press.

Enjoy It.

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Monday, 29 November 2021

DEAD.CIRCUIT - Repressed Memory Theraphy - (Alampo Records-Italy-2008)

dead.circuit is a solo industrial/electro/experimental project of the Dutch audiovisual artist Fabian van der Meer. Had his first official track released on Bone Structure in 2008, on the compilation album 'Ascetic Sperm Diet: Girls, Guns & Pierre Molinier'.
From then on he came in contact with Alampo Records, who released his debut full-length album 'Repressed Memory Therapy'.
Further tracks appear on the Alampo compilation 'Moon Patrol', another Bone Structure compilation '2008 Maniacs', and a collaboration with Hypnoskull on his new album 'Industrial Owes Us Money', on ant-zen.
The music of dead.circuit encompasses a wide variety of different genre's and styles; from dark and obscure industrial to more soundtrack-like music, and from power electronics to electro. Instead of creating different side projects for the various styles, he goes for the element of surprise, so that the listeners will never be entirely sure what to expect with every new output.
Will it be a nice ambient escape, or a hard industrial psycho-realm?

Alampo Records is an  Italian label focusing on ambient and experimental electronic music (info from Discogs)   click me

 MySpace, fabianvandermeer.com



Friday, 26 November 2021

FUGAZI - Live In Dublin - (Warzone Tapes-Ireland-1988)

 Fugazi  needs no introduction,this tape is old and must have been recorded in their first european tour, the recording is OK  and the cover report no info beside the fact that this gig was a benefit for Warzone: Warzone Collective started in 1984 and operates as an autonomous non-profit collective with a DIY ethos. Warzone is run entirely by volunteers who share similar anarchist values and work towards keeping the space open and alive.(from Wordpress.com)

Warzone Bandcamp

Dischord Official Webpage 

Enjoy it.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

HELLDRUKEN-Fiesta Alcohol Punk Crust-(Self Released-Mexico-2013)

 A Punk band from Mexico active at the beginning of this decade! The cd comes with a few pics yet no info at all. The recording is pretty DIY and it sits well with their raw energy and angry voice. 


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Saturday, 13 November 2021

NEVER CONFORM - Never Conform - (625 Thrashcore-USA-2002)

 Never Conform was a Japanese Combo playing a fast HC Punk with a metallic edge.This 7 inch offers to us 6 well recorded and powerful tracks,it reports the lyrics and a few info.They were from Sapporo, Hokkaido, formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2014.

Enjoy it.

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Thursday, 11 November 2021

Perfect Day N2-(Fanzine-UK-2014)

 A pretty special zine mixing various subjects :the travelling experiences of the zine maker(this time He is in Naples for Xmas and New Yeara Eve), reviews of gigs in London and Brighton, interviews to a few bands, music reviews, skateboarding,hip hop and more.The music styles are quite different as well, making this paper rather interesting. The zine maker seems to be into  punk music as well as techno and electronica. Give it a go...

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Tuesday, 9 November 2021

DAVE PHILLIPS-A Collection Of Excuses-(Self Released-Switzerland-2021)


sound as communication in direct and primal form, a language, a tool of metaphysics, a conscience and a consciousness, vibration. dp re/searches and ponders existences and behaviourisms humanimalistically. works that oppose the omnipresent restriction and reduction of life and living, that activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden under the debris of civilisation, inviting rumination, encouraging intervention, endorsing catharsis, liberating, cleansing. therapeutical stimulation is acknowledged.
sonic activism, ritual protest music, humanimalism

dp might touch topics such as environmental sensitisation, sentient perception and awareness, existentialism and existential e/quality, but it’s also how these and related topics interconnect that interests, the hyperconnectivity some call chaos. dp rings in the era of humanimal

methods are audio de/construction, composition, sonic rituals, psycho-acoustics and performance. tools are voice, body, field recordings, electronics, objects, video

dp has been sonically active for 33+ years, has appeared on over 250 releases and has played over 700 concerts in 50+ countries


keywords: ritual protest music, sonic activism, humanimalism. composition, sound art, psycho-acoustics, experimental, noise, musique concrète, performance. voice, body, microphones, objects, electronics, field recordings, video-(from his official webpage)   click me

Sunday, 7 November 2021

WHOLE IN THE HEAD - Demo - (Self Released-UK-2006)

 Nice CD-r demo by this band from Southampton, UK.! They play a good dose of  HC punk mixing violent music and political lyrics. The cd comes with a lyrics sheet and a few info + web addresses of various indipendent political networks such as Indiymedia, Peace News, Hunt Saboteurs Association...

Enjoy it.

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Friday, 5 November 2021

NEBULON & HYBRYDS - Clavis - (Old Europa Cafe-Italy-1997)

 CD 12tracks (64min) in gatefold picture cover,handnumb. Lim999,packaged in a heavy paper sleeve!!! The masters of magic & mythology makes YOU discover & explore the depths of the other world within yourself, discover the key to the parallel dimension, discover the power of the "Elder Ones", enter in trance states... Story by Nebulon, tales told by Markus Wolf (member of Blood Axis & Crash Worship) mixed to the sounds of Hybryds. surely their more ritual, intense & dark production! Special de-lux booklet and manual to apply the esoterical theory of Clavis.(info from skull lineclick me


Thursday, 4 November 2021

T.U.O.B. Collage-(DIY-Graphix-UK-199?)


A nice graphic/collage on A4 black and white xerox by the British duo T.U.O.B.!I posted their great tape released on the legendary Red Neon Tapes.


Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Bandiera Dell`Odio Bulletin-(DIY-Italy-1997)


4 pages bulletin by Bandiera Dell`Odio,I spoke about this band when I posted their discography a few years ago. In this bulletin some interesting thoughts and the catalogue of Cadenced Noise label, I have posted a few cool tapes released by this label. It is in English and Italian. Enjoy it.--[F/a]r\a[w/a]y\--


Monday, 1 November 2021

SNUFF - Not Listening - (Workers Playtime-UK-1989)


Snuff are a British punk rock band formed in Hendon in 1986.[1] The original line-up was Duncan Redmonds on drums and vocals, Simon Wells on guitar and vocals and Andy Crighton on bass, with Dave Redmonds being added to the line-up on trombone before the release of Flibbiddydibbiddydob.

Snuff have released their material through a variety of independent record labels including their own, 10past12records, as well as on Fat Wreck Chords, a label owned by Fat Mike of NOFX.(from wikipedia)   click me


Sunday, 31 October 2021

RIOT SYSTEM - Fit The Image - (HG Fact-Japan-1998)

Riot System was a trio hailing from Australia. They play a raw form of HC punk and the lo-fi recordings in this 7inch make them even rawer and violent. This ep came out with a folded cover sleeve reporting the lyrics + an extra sheet with the Japanese translations.

HG Fact was an independent Japanese hardcore, punk and noise label. Operated by Tadashi Satoh. Not active anymore.

Enjoy it.

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