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Thursday 23 December 2021

v.a. - UNITED - (Bandcamp-France-2021)

In June 2021 the French police attacked a rave party near Redon (Fr) with massive violence. They destroyed a lot of equipment and many people got injured and traumatized.
With this album we want to show our solidarity with all the victims of police brutality.
You can buy the digital album including 24 tracks on Bandcamp.
All the profit goes to the victims.
 This is the compaliation made to support the sound system after the riot and violence managed by the french police during Redon free party, on 21st june 2020.
Such a violence is and will never be justified, and by bying this compilation you will help the sounds system to keep their independance, their freedom, and their motivation to make you dance. All tracks are made from different artists from differents countrys and have been gently given by them for this occasion.THANKS A LOT TO EVERYBODY INVOLVED IN THIS COMPILATION!!! Let
s rave!!
Buy the album here: click me

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