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Saturday 11 December 2021

Bald Cactus N26-(Fanzine-UK-2008)

 N26 of this British punk zine,I have, already, posted the N17 Split with Cargo Cult zine and the N 30 released in 2013.

This issue celebrate 20 years of activities and contains interesting interviews to :Inner Terrestrials, Fuck With Fire, Social Parasites, Dick Lucas of  Subhumans/Culture Shock, Behind Enemy Lines, Pete Wright of Crass + tons of music and zine reviews and rants/political articles.It came out with a free teabag.

Andy started this zine in 1988! This is a good example of the underground press keeping the real spirit of the DIY scene very strong and healthy. Enjoy it.

:f*a~r_a^w\a/y) click me


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