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Wednesday 30 April 2014

ISHI - Troppo Silenzio - (Selfproduced Tape-Italy-1992)

Here the tape by Ishi already on radiomolotv blog but it seems that the link there is not working,somebody requested this so I post it right now before I forget.
They self-released this tape in 1992  and a vinyl "Sotto la Pioggia" on Blu Bus (the amazing label managed by Kina)in 1995.
Here a "slideshow" from my youtube channel and I gonna re-write the same little info I wrote there

"Ishi was a band from Torino including Lalli of Franti.On this tape there is included a cover song of Kina,this tape-work was recorded in 1992 in different locations(live gigs,live at home and in studio recording),MisterX label helped them with the cover printing,it is anyway a diy tape production"
Enjoy it and is anybody out there who has the vinyl by this band???
I`d love to listen it...


FLOW-10291-(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-1990-c90-)

Another tape from the amazing tape label Red Neon Tapes managed by Patrick Parent in Belgium.I passed this one to Misterisoso Impossivel blog,but now it is not there anymore.
Those are all improvisations (on a theme) recorded at Hahamandad studio 10 Feb. 1990.
Habsan: keyboards, drumprograms, synth, fx.
Amanda Man: vocals, sampling, tapes, radio, recording, mix.
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Tuesday 29 April 2014

SCHMERTZ DER WELTEN-wann sterne fallen...(Ebus` music,Germany,c46,1994)

SCHMERTZ DER WELTEN is another project founded in 1989 by Carsten Olbrich and broke up in 1998.
Revival for one gig only in 2007.

They used lots of aliases also:
Carsten Olbrich is the founder of the german tape label Ebu`s Music,label still active today,here his official web-page,where this tape doesn`t seem to be listed.
It came out with a small booklet(included here) with info and lyrics  in German language only.
For the lovers of german electro pop...and
the obscurity behind it.

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Monday 28 April 2014

Sivullinen n17 and n19 (fanzine,Finland -1995/1996)

I wrote about  Sivullinen International Newsletter.
Those ones instead are 2 issues of the fanzine with the same name, published by Jouni Waarakangas in Helsinki(Finland)!!!
Jouni was collecting artworks from different artists around the world and printing this beautiful zine in a print-run of 1000 copies.
Those 2 numbers are packed with black and white art-works, graphics, drawings, strange poems, weird comics, poetries and more random thoughts.
This is a classic from the underground press of the 90s and if you are into zines then you should not miss those ones.
Very good and funny, those zines are really priceless.

sivullinen 17

sivullinen 19

Sunday 27 April 2014

v.a.-ARS OBSCURA-(Putrefactio,Portugal-c60-199?)

Paulo Maldoror of Putrefactio tape label sent me this amazing compilation back in 1994,I passed it as digital format to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum 4 years ago,that link is dead now,I am reposting it here with the very good review by Crepusculum published at the time on his blog.Thanx Crepusculum :)
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"Absolutely elated to be sharing here this magnificent international compilation ov occult sonorism released by thee Portuguese label Purefactio!! 
Gerstein [Maurizio Pustianaz - Italy] provides a brilliant piano piece with beauteously haunting atmospheric elektronik accompaniment as well!!
Die Sonne Satan [Paolo Beltrame - Italy] provide a piece ov unique occult elektronikx utilising great textures ov ambient synths, delayed looping ov indecipherable vocal utterances, thee repetitious cawing ov crows , organ, processed chanting vocalisations, and the ringing ov bells!! Thee piece tis titled Pleurotomaria after thee distinctive type ov jurasic spiralled sea-shells.. 
Atararaxia [Francesca Nicoli, Vittorio Vandelli, Giovanni Pagliari - Italy] provide thee track Fountains which features a wondrous organ progression with intense feminine occult incantations as well as haunting operatic vocals and very strange elektronikx throughout!!
Nigredo [Lucrecia Bosch, Paulo Maldoror - Portugal] their track consists ov indecipherable feminine vocal incantations repetitiously looping amidst a murmur ov astounding dark-atmospheric occult elektronikx!! the piece comes to a sudden cessation with a feminine scream..
Emanazione Afona tis another manifestation ov thee Italian projekt E.A.[ghostly collective]. they provide great tribalesque percussion amidst ghostly atmospheres and twittering elektronikx!! 
Alio Die [Stefano Musso - Italy] presents somnolent atmospheric drones with thee reverberated clanging ov bells and haunting choral loops layered throughout!!
Was unable to unearth any more info about Project Ars Moriendi; other than that their contact info lists them as being responsible for thee label who have released this wondrous compilation.. thee piece provided by this proejkt tis a magnificent harpsichord composition with a very medieval feeling to it...continuing thee medieval aesthetic tis thee track: Tu Es La Force Du Silence [you are the force of silence] by Ataraxia.. the piece begins with beatific female operatic vocals amidst great gothik organs, and develops further with excellent restrained percussion!!
Rosengracht [Norbert Payer - Austria] thee track consists ov hauntingly beautifull layers ov operatic female vocalisations, drear masculine groans, a restrained dirge ov percussion, and a plodding bass line!!
Allerseelen [Gerhard Petak - Austria] provides great effected martial percussion with an anthemic minimal piano line and droning elektronikx which make their presence off and on!!
Mangled [Gianfranco Santoro - Italy] provides strange lo-fi sound collage with thee processed sounds ov organs, an infant crying, and droning esoteric elektronikx.. 
Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata [Simon Balestrazzi, Monica Serra, Corrado Loi - Italy] - this piece consists ov aqueous sounds, vocal chanting, and insidious elektronikx!!  
Track listing:
A1 Gerstein - If God Wants
A2 Die Sonne Satan - Pleurotomaria
A3 Ataraxia - Fountains
A4 Nigredo - Obscurari Sidera - Cantione Profana
A5 Emanazione Afona - Liquame
A6 Alio Die - Mazes And Labyrinths
B1 Project Ars Moriendi - Vanitas Vanitatum Et Omnia Vanitas
B2 Ataraxia - Tu Es La Force Du Silence
B3 Rosengracht - Bleeding Darkness
B4 Allerseelen - Santa Sangre
B5 Mangled - Last Deadly Moments (Death Of Hate)
B6 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - Spirits Of The Dead

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum) 

Saturday 26 April 2014

M.NOMIZED & I.Q.C.M. - L`Univers Moignon Valvule - (c60-Joukkomurha Tapes-Finalnd-1994)

Another tape by M. Nomized,artist already covered in this blog when I posted the bands The Golozos,No Unauthorized and the tape Voyage.
This tape is instead a collaboration between M Nomized and the Spanish artist I.Q.C.M.,who is Rafael Gonzales.He also used his real name for other productions and made few collaborations with the French artist back in the 90s.
Joukkomurha tapes was  a small Finnish tape label active in the 90s  producing different kind of music ranging from experimental electronic and noise to grindcore and beyond.
Old good music and collaborations :/>


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Friday 25 April 2014

IT LIES WITHIN - Surrounded By Evil,Low On Gas (C45 - 1000+1 TiLt Recs - Greece - 2000)

It Lies Behind was a band from Athens and it was realased by 1000+1 TiLt Recordings,this tape came out with a small yet very cool little zine with lyrics and random thoughts(included here)!!
I am not sure if they are still active now days,I Know that Iason(the bass player of this band and mastermind of this label) plays in other musical projects covering electronic experimental music.
About this label:It is been around since the end of the 90s and it is still active,here their web-page where you`ll find all the info and the web-zine as well.

Enjoy it.

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Thursday 24 April 2014

v.a. - Magistrate`s Head On A Stick - (Mitsey Distro-UK-c90-1996)

I wrote already about Mitsey Distro when I posted the fanzine Gibbering Madness and the mail art documentation Monster.
This is instead a compilation edited and distributed by Evan,factotum of Mitsey Distro and it contains songs by :
Selfish,Vaffan Coulo,Anachrust,P.U.S.,Democratic Disorder,M.D.M.,Garage Lopez,Face Ache,Slaughtered Society,World Chaos,Self Inflicted,Disobey,Cider Vision,Sprakta Snutskallar,The Cineapple Punx,Alkoholiki Anonimni,State of Filth,Assert and
The recordings have a different quality but overall is good,the music is Hc punk,crust punk and grindcore and it came out with a booklet with lyrics and related info. 
It was benefit for Sheffield Anarchist Black Cross.

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Wednesday 23 April 2014

TOMBSTONE - A Cascade Of Tears - (Psychotic Release-Italy-1993-c30)

A certain kind of ritual noise is the music that this project hailing from a small village near Padova (Northern Italy) is delivering to us with this short tape,as he clearly writes "this noise music is free from samplers and programmable equipment".
Here some info taken from discogs webpage:
 "Tombstone was one of the most original and most misunderstood formation on dark industrial scene. Heavy influenced by Italian gothic-horror movies and utilized old analog equipment, digital effects, field recordings and tape recorders Emanuele Lago compose perfect soundtrack-like music full of harsh noises, samples from old horror movies and nightmarish atmosphere. Tombstone (and side projects) released many tapes on Emanuele own label Psychotic Release and just one proper CD compiled from the best tracks on Cold Meat Industry side label Death Factory which was limited to only 1500 copies. In late 90s Italian label Anaemic Waves Factory reissued some tapes on limited CDr and released new album Under A Bloody Veil (on limited CDr as well). Highly recommended to all who really into horror industrial music and gothic movies." + more info with links
"real name:Emanuele Lago

This project was born at the end of 1993 as one-man-band. Only one is the mind behind Tombstone, who attends to all by itself, starting from the ideas up to the final recording of the master... The soundscapes proposed are a blend of industrial and ambient. The first tapes were industrial experiments rather obscure and perverse, but the production on cd is something original, both as background idea and inspiration and as sonorous atmosphere... We could call it "gothic-ambient", but you have not to mistake it for the typically keyboard works from other projects; on the contrary Tombstone is something more noisy and experimental oriented. Terror, fear sonorities are created processing electrically natural noises and sounds, not taken from keyboards and neither following any musical composition theory nor using a sequencer, to not make all unnatural and not much obscure. The term "gothic" is used since the inspiration for the atmospheres proposed comes from the influence of gothic novels and tales; especially the primordial ones... ( E. Lago )
E. Lago is also the creator of the Psychotic Release label. 



In Groups:

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Tuesday 22 April 2014

NOMUZIC-news you can choose-(1991-c60- audiofile Tapes-Usa)

No Muzic was the personal music project of Carl Howard,mastermind of the legendary tape label  aT Tapes,a great tape label  that made history.
Here an interview to Carl on AUToreverse indipendent music magazine and here another one published on The living Archive of Underground Music by Don Campau.
Here the discogs page with the releases of this nice tape label.
A very good production.

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Monday 21 April 2014

Dark Diamonds - Issue 3&4 -(fanzine-Uk-1990/91)

I spoke about Dark Diamonds Productions when I posted the fanzine A Riot Of Emotions.
Those are the issues n3&4 combined together of the fanzine Dark Diamonds and it contains an in-depth study about the famine in the third world,the IMF bank politics,over-populupation,birth-control,food production,rainforest destructions,industrialisation of the poor countries,new age colonialism,women in the third world and lots of other related issues.
This is a very well done fanzine,printed in off-set with a print run of 1000 copies.
Although old, this issue has very interesting and yet actual articles.

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Sunday 20 April 2014

v.a.-Give Me Back-(Victima del progreso,Pocion De Rata,Existencia Activa,Cruda Realidad - Spain -199x)

This is the re-issue on tape of the compilation edited and distributed in 1991 by Ebullition Recs and it was a benefit lp for Planned Parenthood, Shelter Services For Women and National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce. 
First 3,000 copies in a 32-page booklet cover. 
Instead this spanish re-issue was made by few indipendent labels:Victima del progreso-Crimines de Estado (Madrid) ,Pocion de Rata (Marbella),  Existencia Activa(Banyoles),Cruda Realidad(Valencia).
I am not sure if this tape came out with a booklet--it doesn`t say it on the cover-sleeve and the song-titles are all translated in spanish.
Here the track-list taken from discogs.
A1 Amenity Machine
A2 Desiderata (2) Upon A Man Looking At A Woman
A3 Seein' Red Bigot
A4 Spitboy Seriously
A5 End Of The Line Burning Down
A6 Man Lifting Banner Sister
A7 Born Against Body Counts
B1 Econochrist Seek To Use
B2 Profax (2) Patience / Bona Fide
B3 Suckerpunch Religious Phallos
B4 Sawhorse Spoke/Farther
B5 Struggle (2) Culture Of Rape
B6 Bikini Kill Daddy's L'il Girl
B7 Downcast For In Love 
...and this is a comment that I have found on discogs:
"This comp is AWESOME another hard one to find and wish i could find this on CD or MP3 there are some great singles you CAN NOT find anywhere else... the Sawhorse single, Econochrist Spitboy Downcast and Born Against songs are so fucking awesome and I am not sure I have seen them elsewhere Desiderata's single on the LP is AWESOME!!! Ian mackaye's (singer Minor Threat) sister Amanda Mackaye sings for Desiderata.."

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RUINS-Best Of Ruins(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-1991-c60)

I passed this one to Radiomolotov blog back in 2011,I re-post it here since that link is dead now.
For whom do not Know this amazing Japanese project then there is  a lot to read on the net,here their official webpage,and here some info taken from wikipedia
 "Tatsuya Yoshida (吉田達也 Yoshida Tatsuya?) (born in Kitakami, Iwate[1]) is a Japanese musician; drummer and composer who is the only consistent member of the renowned progressive rock duo Ruins, as well as Koenji Hyakkei. He is also a member of the progressive rock trios Korekyojinn and Daimonji.[1] Outside of his own groups, Yoshida is renowned for his tenure as drummer in the indie progressive group YBO2, a band also featuring guitarist KK Null, whom he also joins in the current line up of Zeni Geva[1] and he has played drums in a late edition of Samla Mammas Manna. He has been cited as "[the] indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground" 

This tape was released by the amazing Italian tape label Biotope Art Organization and contains the best of their work before the 90s.
I saw them live in Tien`A`Ment squat in Naples in 1991 and it was a great gig,they literally blew everybody away.
This tape is unindexed.Another little gem from the crypt of the 90s.

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Saturday 19 April 2014

DELETED-Well(EE tapes,Belgium,c60-1994)

Another tape that I passed to Misterioso Impossivel blog and it`s not available there any longer.
Deleted was one of the many projects by  Christophe Petchanantz and this tape was released by the very good Belgian tape label  EE Tapes.


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Friday 18 April 2014

JORMA CLUB - Mood Music For Bizzare Cowboys (Raippa Recs-Finland-c60-1994)

Half cacophony and half "video-game music" made with keyboard,bass,guitar and drum machine by this trio called Jorma Club.
Lots of short songs on this tape and it will please the lovers of certain experimental no-sense electronic mixed and mashed up music.

Good no-music for inorganic dreams...if you dare to fall asleep with it.

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Karta Mail Art Zine-(Poland - May - 1992)

Karta was a mail art fanzine published by Bartek Nowak,who was also managing a mail art archive in the 90s.
In this issue lots of copy art artworks and few articles about ecology.
Very well done and lots of contributions from different mail artists around the globe.
Nice one...

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GUNDRUM-DESTRY AFTER D.A.R.K.-Hasta La Muerte,Modern Voodoo Mixes(diy-Germany-c46-1996)

  Studio Recordings by Ramon Creutzer (Dec./Jan. 95/96).
Mixed by Ramon Creutzer and Papst Pest May 96.
Live Recordings by E-Troserker Soundart on DAT.
Gundrum is:
York K. - Drums
Papst Pest - Vocals, Voodoo-Performance, World-Instruments, Steel-Wheel
With Special Guests:
Zippy - Trumpet
Marc Trash - Djembe
Gregor Japs - Dub-Mixes, Drum Boxes, Effects, Sampler
Jos- Moog, E-Percussions

Destroy After D.A.R.K. is:
Ashley Davies - Noise, Percussion, Trash-Guitar, Bass
Kirsten Reynolds - Wasps, Percussion
Papst Pest - Vocals, Noise, World Instruments, Steel Wheel
Scheet - Trumpet, Vocals
DD Gallhammei - Guitar
Rainer Klehn - Guitar
York K. - Drums
Special Guest:
Dr. Stok - Bass on "Burger Buddahs"
Tony Pattinson - Noise

a1 Intro - Cantare 'Hasta La Muerte (Original Huaroni Chants, Ecuador, 1994)
a2 Mange-tout - by Gundrurm (Voodoo-Mix Version by E-Troserker August 1996)
a3 Burger Buddhas - by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
a4 Mange-tout - by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
a5 Cantare 'Hasta La Muerte by E-Troserker / Gundrurm and Z.E.R.O. (Huaroni-Trance-Mix)
b1 Aqua-Intro / Mange Fous
b2 Spices & Beans - by Gundrum & E-Troserker (Live at Dranskultur, 03.08.96)
b3 Sacrifice - (Flipper) by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
b4 Beat On Your Flat - by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
b5 Outro - Cantare 'Hasta La Muerte (Original Huaroni Chants, Ecuador, 1994)


Thursday 17 April 2014

TERMINUS-First Demo(TPPL-1984-UK)+Catalogue of Crimes(TPPL-1985-UK)+Body Count(TPPL-1986-UK)

 I wrote already about Terminus when I posted the tape Hands Up For An Early Grave and after that post I managed to get in touch with Mark of Terminus and  exchange with him very interesting emails!
This is in fact the first post on this blog in which I am posting  some tapes that are not part of my collection,in fact those tapes were kindly donated to me by Mark and  were  digitalized by Pete(Terminus drummer) in 2003.
For the people who does not know Terminus,this was an amazing band from Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire(UK),active from 1983 until  2001!!
Somebody described their music as a creative mix between Political Asylum with Motorhead,not sure if they are happy with this definition anyway this do not apply to their acoustic songs so you might want to check yourself.
For all you curious people to know more then you can check their very good web site,here you can read about their biography,discography and interviews + more related issues.

On those tapes  you will find additional live tracks  that were not included on their original demos but were added later by Pete,you will find all the info in the folders,I just added the info that Mark included in his emails.
 As far as I know those tapes are not available since quite a long time and I am very happy to have the possibility to share them  here.
A very big thanx to Mark  for his generosity and kindness and  a big thanx to Pete as well for the digital transfer`s work.
Enjoy it!!!!

first demo
body count
catalogue of crime

Wednesday 16 April 2014

FRANZ - Il Morbo Di Franz - (Trash-c10-Italy-1989)

I already wrote on this blog about Vittore Baroni when I posted the tape trax 0185.
This is another project created and diffused by this multi-media artist.It was a series of short tapes dedicated to the culture of  Trash,on this one the leader of the garage beat band I Vigliacchi takes the name of  Franz singing low-fi b movies style songs about surf culture and myths.
The artwork is by the great Italian graphic artist Professor Bad trip,his real name was Gianluca Lerici and this is his FB page.
No idea how many copies of this tape were printed,I guess it`s not available any longer.Here few more info that I have found on discogs 
"Trash was a single comic book page written by Vittore Baroni and illustrated by Prof. Bad Trip (Gianluca Lerici), on the theme of B Music (meaning that as aural equivalent of B Movies). It was hosted from April to Dec 89 on music magazine Rockerilla, and from February 1991 on Urlo magazine. On June 89, the page announced the birth of a "ghost label", Trash, dedicated to "B-Music", whose first issue was "Il Morbo Di Franz" cassette, that could be ordered by sending 3000 lire cash (1.55 euro) to Baroni's E.O.N. archive. The page also included an open call to contribute to issue 2, named "Batmaniacs on the Loose", whereas the Dec 89 page included a call to contribute to issue 3, on the subject of trashy Film and Tv themes. That was the last tape, eventually released on summer 1990, "Soundtrekking For Mutants".


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Tuesday 15 April 2014

v.a. - TOPY TV - Tribute To PTV - (TOPY TV-Italy-c60-1990)

I passed this compilation to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog 3 years ago-that links is dead now-so I re-post it here with the review by Crepusculum--thanx Crepusculum!!!!!!

"thee extrication ov thee heirophanous wisdom hidden behind these sonorous sigils tis a burdensome act in and ov itself.. to attempt to give voice to what tis spoken so profoundly in it's own words runs thee risk ov tearing asunder thee magickal tapestry which has been woven.. some gleanings ov what tis apprehendible ov thee Italian branch ov TOPY tis better articulated here.. have yet to read THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE to know if it may offer more incites, and sadly have stored away deep in hidden archives TOPY Italy RsB Files.. perchance these shall see dark illumination here at some point.. what tis most readilly apparent tis that thee artists behind this compilation forced thee hand ov chance towards renditions ov hymns ov thee TOPY high priests Psychic Television!! whilst the cover scan tis not likely thee be(a)st edition out there- it tis divined that most out there shall still revel in these ecstasic homages unveiled within!!

Thee Temple Beat tis a variation ov thee moniker for thee projekt Templebeat which tis composed ov thee artists: Michele Benetello, Pietro Zanetti [Metal Music Machine!!], Giorgio Ricci [RAN, Hysterie, Metal Music Machine!!], Paolo Favati [Die Larm, FM and Paolo F., Pankow, Saint Luka, Wave Workers Foundation..], and Rudi Dalla Mora [Metal Music Machine!!] who hail from Treviso, Italy!! their contribution tis an esoteric body music rendition ov the PTV classic Ov Power!!

it would appear info tis lacking for The Conventional.. though info for Frigidaire Tango tis more accessible.. their cover ov Just Drifting seems slightly more morose and definitely more heavilly accented and rock orientated..

Umano Troppo Umano - named for Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 's Human All Too Human are absent ov biography here- thee peice which they provide here tis a slow dark dissonant variation ov Terminus with Italian vocals!!

Disuman Res was thee projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli who ran thee astonishing label Biotope Art Organization!! the piece Fear which he provides here consists ov his astounding patented darkened sound collage with plodding dissonant bass and murky magnetised crystalline atmospheres!!

Solar Lodge consisted ov occult sound artists Fulvio Biondo & Enrico Angarano!! their piece manifests in deliriously detuning synthesizer dissonances with minimal drum sequencing to thee tune ov Those Who Do Not..

thee assumption tis being made here that R. Biasin Acid Vampire tis a pseudonomynous nomenclature ov Stefano Biasin [Teatrino Della Volpe, S. Biasin Trio]!! thee piece consists ov some effing magnificent esoteric tekno in thee vein ov Towards Thee Infinite Beat- Drone Zone!!

"Therabaqud Leic is the name of an Italian experimental who has been involved with such forms as industrial, ambient, esoterick, drones, ritual, dark ambient, moody electronics, in a cross-genre . Luigi Russolo (a nickname reminding the famous Italian futurist artist ) is the main founder and core member. The band has never had a regular , real line-up, only Luigi Russolo is the core member." thee variation provided here ov Catalan consists ov excellent layers ov restrained percussion accompanied by astounding synthesizer atmospheres, and plodding distorted elektronik string looping with Italian vocal recitations!!

with a moniker like Jesus Fucks Magdalene - one must ponder how such a projekt has tragically fallen into such obscurity.. however occult ov origins and narrative there may be to this projekt- what tis apparent tis that they do an uber-funky and angsty variation ov Oedipus In The Nursery!!

thee personage behind thee projekt Majorana would appear to be one Lussetti Guido.. thee peice here Neurology seems to be a collage ov recordings ov thee Message From The Temple intercut with Charles Manson and Jim Jones amongst others.. throw in some looming synths and additional elektronikx and thee title appears to generate some pondering ov it's own..

elsewhere it tis written that Nekrophilia was Devil Womb aka DeviLs g. [Lvnvs, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico,..] & Saprophita [?]!! thee piece provided here Skinhead Moonstomp tis a cacopahnous conflagration ov colliding elekronik concussiveness with looming delayed guitar presences!! "
a01-THEE TEMPLE BEAT-ov power
a02-THE CONVENTIONAL(ex Frigidaire Tango)-just drfting
a05-SOLAR LODGE-those who do not
b01-R. BIASIN ACID VAMPIRE-drone zone
b03-JESUS FUCKS MAGDALENE-oedipus in the nursery
b06-NEKROPHILIA-skinhead moonstomp

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum) 
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