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Friday 18 April 2014

GUNDRUM-DESTRY AFTER D.A.R.K.-Hasta La Muerte,Modern Voodoo Mixes(diy-Germany-c46-1996)

  Studio Recordings by Ramon Creutzer (Dec./Jan. 95/96).
Mixed by Ramon Creutzer and Papst Pest May 96.
Live Recordings by E-Troserker Soundart on DAT.
Gundrum is:
York K. - Drums
Papst Pest - Vocals, Voodoo-Performance, World-Instruments, Steel-Wheel
With Special Guests:
Zippy - Trumpet
Marc Trash - Djembe
Gregor Japs - Dub-Mixes, Drum Boxes, Effects, Sampler
Jos- Moog, E-Percussions

Destroy After D.A.R.K. is:
Ashley Davies - Noise, Percussion, Trash-Guitar, Bass
Kirsten Reynolds - Wasps, Percussion
Papst Pest - Vocals, Noise, World Instruments, Steel Wheel
Scheet - Trumpet, Vocals
DD Gallhammei - Guitar
Rainer Klehn - Guitar
York K. - Drums
Special Guest:
Dr. Stok - Bass on "Burger Buddahs"
Tony Pattinson - Noise

a1 Intro - Cantare 'Hasta La Muerte (Original Huaroni Chants, Ecuador, 1994)
a2 Mange-tout - by Gundrurm (Voodoo-Mix Version by E-Troserker August 1996)
a3 Burger Buddhas - by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
a4 Mange-tout - by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
a5 Cantare 'Hasta La Muerte by E-Troserker / Gundrurm and Z.E.R.O. (Huaroni-Trance-Mix)
b1 Aqua-Intro / Mange Fous
b2 Spices & Beans - by Gundrum & E-Troserker (Live at Dranskultur, 03.08.96)
b3 Sacrifice - (Flipper) by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
b4 Beat On Your Flat - by Destroy After D.A.R.K.
b5 Outro - Cantare 'Hasta La Muerte (Original Huaroni Chants, Ecuador, 1994)


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