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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

FRANZ - Il Morbo Di Franz - (Trash-c10-Italy-1989)

I already wrote on this blog about Vittore Baroni when I posted the tape trax 0185.
This is another project created and diffused by this multi-media artist.It was a series of short tapes dedicated to the culture of  Trash,on this one the leader of the garage beat band I Vigliacchi takes the name of  Franz singing low-fi b movies style songs about surf culture and myths.
The artwork is by the great Italian graphic artist Professor Bad trip,his real name was Gianluca Lerici and this is his FB page.
No idea how many copies of this tape were printed,I guess it`s not available any longer.Here few more info that I have found on discogs 
"Trash was a single comic book page written by Vittore Baroni and illustrated by Prof. Bad Trip (Gianluca Lerici), on the theme of B Music (meaning that as aural equivalent of B Movies). It was hosted from April to Dec 89 on music magazine Rockerilla, and from February 1991 on Urlo magazine. On June 89, the page announced the birth of a "ghost label", Trash, dedicated to "B-Music", whose first issue was "Il Morbo Di Franz" cassette, that could be ordered by sending 3000 lire cash (1.55 euro) to Baroni's E.O.N. archive. The page also included an open call to contribute to issue 2, named "Batmaniacs on the Loose", whereas the Dec 89 page included a call to contribute to issue 3, on the subject of trashy Film and Tv themes. That was the last tape, eventually released on summer 1990, "Soundtrekking For Mutants".


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