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Sunday 20 April 2014

RUINS-Best Of Ruins(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-1991-c60)

I passed this one to Radiomolotov blog back in 2011,I re-post it here since that link is dead now.
For whom do not Know this amazing Japanese project then there is  a lot to read on the net,here their official webpage,and here some info taken from wikipedia
 "Tatsuya Yoshida (吉田達也 Yoshida Tatsuya?) (born in Kitakami, Iwate[1]) is a Japanese musician; drummer and composer who is the only consistent member of the renowned progressive rock duo Ruins, as well as Koenji Hyakkei. He is also a member of the progressive rock trios Korekyojinn and Daimonji.[1] Outside of his own groups, Yoshida is renowned for his tenure as drummer in the indie progressive group YBO2, a band also featuring guitarist KK Null, whom he also joins in the current line up of Zeni Geva[1] and he has played drums in a late edition of Samla Mammas Manna. He has been cited as "[the] indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground" 

This tape was released by the amazing Italian tape label Biotope Art Organization and contains the best of their work before the 90s.
I saw them live in Tien`A`Ment squat in Naples in 1991 and it was a great gig,they literally blew everybody away.
This tape is unindexed.Another little gem from the crypt of the 90s.

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