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Tuesday 15 April 2014

v.a. - TOPY TV - Tribute To PTV - (TOPY TV-Italy-c60-1990)

I passed this compilation to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog 3 years ago-that links is dead now-so I re-post it here with the review by Crepusculum--thanx Crepusculum!!!!!!

"thee extrication ov thee heirophanous wisdom hidden behind these sonorous sigils tis a burdensome act in and ov itself.. to attempt to give voice to what tis spoken so profoundly in it's own words runs thee risk ov tearing asunder thee magickal tapestry which has been woven.. some gleanings ov what tis apprehendible ov thee Italian branch ov TOPY tis better articulated here.. have yet to read THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE to know if it may offer more incites, and sadly have stored away deep in hidden archives TOPY Italy RsB Files.. perchance these shall see dark illumination here at some point.. what tis most readilly apparent tis that thee artists behind this compilation forced thee hand ov chance towards renditions ov hymns ov thee TOPY high priests Psychic Television!! whilst the cover scan tis not likely thee be(a)st edition out there- it tis divined that most out there shall still revel in these ecstasic homages unveiled within!!

Thee Temple Beat tis a variation ov thee moniker for thee projekt Templebeat which tis composed ov thee artists: Michele Benetello, Pietro Zanetti [Metal Music Machine!!], Giorgio Ricci [RAN, Hysterie, Metal Music Machine!!], Paolo Favati [Die Larm, FM and Paolo F., Pankow, Saint Luka, Wave Workers Foundation..], and Rudi Dalla Mora [Metal Music Machine!!] who hail from Treviso, Italy!! their contribution tis an esoteric body music rendition ov the PTV classic Ov Power!!

it would appear info tis lacking for The Conventional.. though info for Frigidaire Tango tis more accessible.. their cover ov Just Drifting seems slightly more morose and definitely more heavilly accented and rock orientated..

Umano Troppo Umano - named for Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 's Human All Too Human are absent ov biography here- thee peice which they provide here tis a slow dark dissonant variation ov Terminus with Italian vocals!!

Disuman Res was thee projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli who ran thee astonishing label Biotope Art Organization!! the piece Fear which he provides here consists ov his astounding patented darkened sound collage with plodding dissonant bass and murky magnetised crystalline atmospheres!!

Solar Lodge consisted ov occult sound artists Fulvio Biondo & Enrico Angarano!! their piece manifests in deliriously detuning synthesizer dissonances with minimal drum sequencing to thee tune ov Those Who Do Not..

thee assumption tis being made here that R. Biasin Acid Vampire tis a pseudonomynous nomenclature ov Stefano Biasin [Teatrino Della Volpe, S. Biasin Trio]!! thee piece consists ov some effing magnificent esoteric tekno in thee vein ov Towards Thee Infinite Beat- Drone Zone!!

"Therabaqud Leic is the name of an Italian experimental who has been involved with such forms as industrial, ambient, esoterick, drones, ritual, dark ambient, moody electronics, in a cross-genre . Luigi Russolo (a nickname reminding the famous Italian futurist artist ) is the main founder and core member. The band has never had a regular , real line-up, only Luigi Russolo is the core member." thee variation provided here ov Catalan consists ov excellent layers ov restrained percussion accompanied by astounding synthesizer atmospheres, and plodding distorted elektronik string looping with Italian vocal recitations!!

with a moniker like Jesus Fucks Magdalene - one must ponder how such a projekt has tragically fallen into such obscurity.. however occult ov origins and narrative there may be to this projekt- what tis apparent tis that they do an uber-funky and angsty variation ov Oedipus In The Nursery!!

thee personage behind thee projekt Majorana would appear to be one Lussetti Guido.. thee peice here Neurology seems to be a collage ov recordings ov thee Message From The Temple intercut with Charles Manson and Jim Jones amongst others.. throw in some looming synths and additional elektronikx and thee title appears to generate some pondering ov it's own..

elsewhere it tis written that Nekrophilia was Devil Womb aka DeviLs g. [Lvnvs, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico,..] & Saprophita [?]!! thee piece provided here Skinhead Moonstomp tis a cacopahnous conflagration ov colliding elekronik concussiveness with looming delayed guitar presences!! "
a01-THEE TEMPLE BEAT-ov power
a02-THE CONVENTIONAL(ex Frigidaire Tango)-just drfting
a05-SOLAR LODGE-those who do not
b01-R. BIASIN ACID VAMPIRE-drone zone
b03-JESUS FUCKS MAGDALENE-oedipus in the nursery
b06-NEKROPHILIA-skinhead moonstomp

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum) 
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