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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

TOMBSTONE - A Cascade Of Tears - (Psychotic Release-Italy-1993-c30)

A certain kind of ritual noise is the music that this project hailing from a small village near Padova (Northern Italy) is delivering to us with this short tape,as he clearly writes "this noise music is free from samplers and programmable equipment".
Here some info taken from discogs webpage:
 "Tombstone was one of the most original and most misunderstood formation on dark industrial scene. Heavy influenced by Italian gothic-horror movies and utilized old analog equipment, digital effects, field recordings and tape recorders Emanuele Lago compose perfect soundtrack-like music full of harsh noises, samples from old horror movies and nightmarish atmosphere. Tombstone (and side projects) released many tapes on Emanuele own label Psychotic Release and just one proper CD compiled from the best tracks on Cold Meat Industry side label Death Factory which was limited to only 1500 copies. In late 90s Italian label Anaemic Waves Factory reissued some tapes on limited CDr and released new album Under A Bloody Veil (on limited CDr as well). Highly recommended to all who really into horror industrial music and gothic movies." + more info with links
"real name:Emanuele Lago

This project was born at the end of 1993 as one-man-band. Only one is the mind behind Tombstone, who attends to all by itself, starting from the ideas up to the final recording of the master... The soundscapes proposed are a blend of industrial and ambient. The first tapes were industrial experiments rather obscure and perverse, but the production on cd is something original, both as background idea and inspiration and as sonorous atmosphere... We could call it "gothic-ambient", but you have not to mistake it for the typically keyboard works from other projects; on the contrary Tombstone is something more noisy and experimental oriented. Terror, fear sonorities are created processing electrically natural noises and sounds, not taken from keyboards and neither following any musical composition theory nor using a sequencer, to not make all unnatural and not much obscure. The term "gothic" is used since the inspiration for the atmospheres proposed comes from the influence of gothic novels and tales; especially the primordial ones... ( E. Lago )
E. Lago is also the creator of the Psychotic Release label. 



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