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Thursday 24 April 2014

v.a. - Magistrate`s Head On A Stick - (Mitsey Distro-UK-c90-1996)

I wrote already about Mitsey Distro when I posted the fanzine Gibbering Madness and the mail art documentation Monster.
This is instead a compilation edited and distributed by Evan,factotum of Mitsey Distro and it contains songs by :
Selfish,Vaffan Coulo,Anachrust,P.U.S.,Democratic Disorder,M.D.M.,Garage Lopez,Face Ache,Slaughtered Society,World Chaos,Self Inflicted,Disobey,Cider Vision,Sprakta Snutskallar,The Cineapple Punx,Alkoholiki Anonimni,State of Filth,Assert and
The recordings have a different quality but overall is good,the music is Hc punk,crust punk and grindcore and it came out with a booklet with lyrics and related info. 
It was benefit for Sheffield Anarchist Black Cross.

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  1. hahahaha I have the tape and fanzine somewhere 😂

    Just reminds me I'm an old git now hahaha 😃