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Thursday 17 April 2014

TERMINUS-First Demo(TPPL-1984-UK)+Catalogue of Crimes(TPPL-1985-UK)+Body Count(TPPL-1986-UK)

 I wrote already about Terminus when I posted the tape Hands Up For An Early Grave and after that post I managed to get in touch with Mark of Terminus and  exchange with him very interesting emails!
This is in fact the first post on this blog in which I am posting  some tapes that are not part of my collection,in fact those tapes were kindly donated to me by Mark and  were  digitalized by Pete(Terminus drummer) in 2003.
For the people who does not know Terminus,this was an amazing band from Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire(UK),active from 1983 until  2001!!
Somebody described their music as a creative mix between Political Asylum with Motorhead,not sure if they are happy with this definition anyway this do not apply to their acoustic songs so you might want to check yourself.
For all you curious people to know more then you can check their very good web site,here you can read about their biography,discography and interviews + more related issues.

On those tapes  you will find additional live tracks  that were not included on their original demos but were added later by Pete,you will find all the info in the folders,I just added the info that Mark included in his emails.
 As far as I know those tapes are not available since quite a long time and I am very happy to have the possibility to share them  here.
A very big thanx to Mark  for his generosity and kindness and  a big thanx to Pete as well for the digital transfer`s work.
Enjoy it!!!!

first demo
body count
catalogue of crime


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  2. @ Vince-links re-uploaded for those demos-before asking the a flac version you might want to check the quality,so for now here are the mp3s,enjoy it

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  4. OK Vince,please send me your email and we can discuss all this...

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  6. thanx vice,I wrote you an email...