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Wednesday 30 April 2014

ISHI - Troppo Silenzio - (Selfproduced Tape-Italy-1992)

Here the tape by Ishi already on radiomolotv blog but it seems that the link there is not working,somebody requested this so I post it right now before I forget.
They self-released this tape in 1992  and a vinyl "Sotto la Pioggia" on Blu Bus (the amazing label managed by Kina)in 1995.
Here a "slideshow" from my youtube channel and I gonna re-write the same little info I wrote there

"Ishi was a band from Torino including Lalli of Franti.On this tape there is included a cover song of Kina,this tape-work was recorded in 1992 in different locations(live gigs,live at home and in studio recording),MisterX label helped them with the cover printing,it is anyway a diy tape production"
Enjoy it and is anybody out there who has the vinyl by this band???
I`d love to listen it...



  1. grazie per aver accolto la mia richiesta così velocemente :)
    il cd degli ishi ce l'ho, se vuoi stasera da casa ti mando il link per il download.

  2. grazie Allelimo,manda link per il cd di Ishi,pleazzzzz

  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzE-vB7Zhc3nZmRiektlQzR6Skk/edit?usp=sharing

  4. grazie a te per la cassetta e per l'ottima qualità del trasferimento in mp3