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Monday 30 June 2014

TELEDU-Witchkitchen-(Oral Gestation Artefacts-Usa-1996)

Two different limited-edition versions of this were co-released as a joint venture between Oral Gestation Artefacts in the U.S. and Axis Distribution in the U.K. The U.S. version was released as an edition of 300 professionally-duplicated chrome cassettes with handmade packaging.
Engineered at Rubber Biscuit in Nottingham, England
Recorded at David Higgson's home between 1992 and 1995.
Here the discogs pageTeledu discogs

Sunday 29 June 2014

GERTRUDE-Dirty Windows-(Self Released-mini cd-1998-UK)

Gertrude is an all-female post-punk band from London. This is their first mini-cd with the very first line up. They are still active nowadays.
I think this cd is no longer available...
Enjoy it!
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Friday 27 June 2014

MUSA-Inni Funerei-(P.C.R.+B:C.N.-Italy-199?-c70)

Very interesting project this italian trio called Musa.It seems to be all  girls(although nicknames might be misleading) playing clarinet,flute,drums,computer,synth and mixing renaissance music with electro goth.
I do not know much about them and the labels that co-released this tape-there is little info on the cover-sleve and no addresses.The recording is pretty good and the graphic layout is nice too.

Thursday 26 June 2014

v.a.-HOMINIVORAX-(Biotope Art Oganization -Italy-1990-c60)

Another great compilation released on Biotope Art Organization back in the 1990,when this label was located in Italy.I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog  4 years ago that link is dead now but if you go here you can read the good review written at the time by Crepusculum.
Enjoy it :)
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This is the traks list:
A1 J.D.M. Ibiza (Psych. Ver.)
A2 J.D.M. Freaky Beats
A3 J.D.M. Woodoo Aciieeed
A4 Brume This Fast Fucking House Food Musik
A5 Big City Orchestra Beater Case
A6 Frak I Will Sell (Not Expensive)
A7 Frak Gastric Juice
B1 Temple Beat* My Secret Garden
B2 Temple Beat* Zig Zag My Way
B3 Temple Beat* Caresse
B4 Black Bone Yard Extreme Body Passion
B5 From Nursery To Misery Desire
B6 L'Edarps A Moth Die Ramme
B7 L'Edarps A Moth Worum Gent Es?
B8 L'Edarps A Moth Spatschicht 

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Химера -HIMERA-(Czerwony Diabelek-Poland-1994)

Himera was a punk band from Russia,this tape was released on the polish label Czerwony Diabelek in 1994.
All the lyrics are listed in polish in the cover-sleeve and the song titles are in cyrillic letters.
 I know that they made a split 7inch with Steine Fur Der Friden in the same year.
Enjoy it!

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Tuesday 24 June 2014

SIVULLINEN Zine n14 + N15 (Winter and Summer 1993-Finland)

 I wrote about  Sivullinen International Newsletter.
Those ones instead are 2 issues of the fanzine with the same name,published  by Jouni Waarakangas in Helsinki(Finland)!!!
Jouni was collecting artworks from different artists around the world and printing this beautiful zines in a print-run of 1000 copies.
Those 2 numbers are packed with black and white art-works,graphix,drawings,strange poems,weird comics,poetries and more random thoughts.
This is a classic from the underground press of the 90s and  if you are into zines then you should not miss those ones.
Very good and funny, those zines are really priceless.
Here the link for two more already posted Sivullinen17 and 19.
Great zines all the pages around... 
sivullinen 14 
sivullinen 15 

Monday 23 June 2014

DIGITAL WARFARE-Source Of Interference(Self Released-Italy-c46-1993)

First demo tape by this Italian duo  playing a nice form of digital hardcore...here more info about their other releases.
I passed this one to Radiomolotov blog few years ago,that link is not on anymore so I re-post it here.
It is a very good tape of cyber attack half industrial and digital weirdness.
Enjoy it.

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Saturday 21 June 2014

BRANDELLI D`ODIO-Carne Di FangAzione (Video-PerfoConcert-Original Recording 1993/94>Final Editing 2014)[New and Unreleased]

Brandelli D`Odio was a kind of open anti-art-collective active in the 90s.
I wrote already about them when I posted the video-performaces:Alarms:Symptoms of Emotions to Come,
Non c`e` Uscita and the track No Tanax.
This is the very first experimental theatre-performance by this band,It was an idea already performed by the ghost collective E.A.,I posted the very first document of this performance:Carne di FangAzione by Estro Assente.
Brandelli D`Odio extended this basic idea to a full long piece of 30 minutes,6 "actors" experimenting live punk music mixing it with  video installations,spitfire
half-nude bodies,original papier mache` masks,dark ambient,mud,slides,painting and engagement of the audience into the show.
I left the original music of the videos and I made a very little editing of those  recordings trying to retain the pure vibes of those shows.
Those videos were recorded at the live show in Pishina Okkupata of Foggia in November 1993,the social Squatted center Labirinto in Benevento in January 1994 and the social squatted center in Avellino in February 1994+ pieces of the show at the 10 days anarchist meeting in Montemarenzo in August 1994.
A very big thanx to all the people whom filmed those shows and passed us those video recordings.
 Although recorded in the beginning of the 90s those videos are completely unreleased and never been edited before, the quality is pretty good if you think about the basic settings of dark lights used during those performances and the video-cameras of that time.

Ispirational thriving force-points are fantasy,rebellion and repression.
I added more info in the video and it has english subtitles.

A very big thanx to Full Slap ,a band of friends who gave us full support while touring together sharing instruments,stages,basic needs and lots of fun,more thanx must be added to all the squatters in Foggia and in the places that we visited,too many to write down here.
A double cd with almost all the discography of this band is still available on radiomolotov blog
here  the link.
Terra Umana helped me in the final editing.
Enjoy it.


Friday 20 June 2014

v.a. - UNITED KINGDOM UNDERGROUND - vol 1 - (Sublimited Cassette-UK-c60-1994)

Experimental electronic  music compilation released by Educational Resources,a division of Sublimited Cassette.Here I am attaching the back-cover with info and tracklist.
ps-This tape in unindexed.
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Thursday 19 June 2014

TZARINA Q CUT - The Code Puke Years - (Old Europa Cafe-Italy-c46-1987)

Tzarina-Q-Cut is Jakob Draminsky Hojmark and Jorgen Teller both Danish artists involved in many bands and projects.
This tape was released by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe back in 1987.
Here instruments used in it.
Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, EffectsJakob Draminsky Højmark 
Electric Guitar, Drum Machine, Tape,Vocals – Jørgen Teller
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Wednesday 18 June 2014

EUNUCH/THE SCROUNGERS-Split Tape-(Pagan Waste Tapes-Australia-c60-1994)

Split cassette by those 2 Australian bands-Eunuch seems to be a  duo or a solo project playing just with a distorted guitar  and screaming thoughts against the system-society,fashion ,hate,racism and more related issues.Recording is not the best but it works quite well in its unity.
The Scroungers is an harsh and angry one man playing  furious HC punk with similar political ideas.His recording is pretty good.
A nice tape for  some kind of HC Punk lovers.
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Tuesday 17 June 2014

M.NOMIZED-Sample 8-(c60-Red Neon tapes-Belgium-1991)

Another tape by the multi-talented artist from Paris (France): musician, composer, painter, puppeteer M. Nomized, artist already covered in this blog different times.The label is the famous Red Neon Tapes  active in Belgium during the 90s.
I spoke about this label already  in many occasions by now. 
So for whom missed the other posts you might  want to use the search box on this blog.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 16 June 2014

v.a - WICHARD`S WADICAL WADIO - (Sound Action-South Africa-1994)

Another compilation  released by the South African label Sound Action,label already covered in this blog when I posted Bulsa Breakout Compilation,Anarchy Again compilation ,Future Chaos for Future Crimes Compilation and the amazing tape-work by Koos.
This compilation seems  to be a radio show covering metal and HC punk bands from South Africa.
Very good recordings and colour sleeve cover.
Here the tracks-list:

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Sunday 15 June 2014

Sex Zine (Fanzine-K-UK-1993)

Sex Zine was a small zine made in London.This issue has very interesting articles all taken from other sources(books, magazines...)!!!
You`ll find here articles about women's ejaculation, tantra and sexual magick, porno-politics, body liberation, adult entertainments, energy orgasms, reviews of other fanzines and books and an open letter by Annie Sprinkle.
Very nice and well done, printed with Xerox machines, you`ll get tons of stuff to read in its 40 pages.
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Saturday 14 June 2014

SOVREDOCIS-SOPA DE GARRON-Tod=s Somos Kulpables,Tod=s Somos Responsables-Split Tape(Jar Kore Recs-Mexico-1999)

Sovredocis and Sopa de Garron are two punk bands from Buenos Aires (Argentina) very active in the DIY and anarchist movement.One of them: Max Vadala is a comic artist, involved in the zine world, here a page in Spanish and English on Archive.org about his activities and history.Here a blog where I think he`s involved and full of info and artworks and more related issues about the bands in which he played and the Buenos Aires punk scene.
This tape came out with a nice booklet with lyrics(only in Spanish) and nice graphics and drawings made by Max.
I am not sure if he moved to Mexico a few years back, I know he had lots of Mexican friends, in fact, this split tape was released by JAR Kore Recs, J.A.R. is a collective of Mexican punk anarchists from Mexico D.F. active since a long time.
For the lovers of south American anarcho-punk music. 
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Friday 13 June 2014

v.a.-NEW HIPPIES -vol 12-(Red Neon Tapes-1995-c60-Belgium)

Number 12 of the famous serie  New Hippies compilations,I did post already quite few volumes of those compilations.Red neon Tapes was an  experimental tape label created by Patrick Parent. It produced about 50 cassettes, some of which include "New Hippies" compilation series as well as material by the likes of Mlehst, Telepherique and M. Nomized.
Enjoy it.

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this is the tracklist:

A1 Cupboard Nervousness 3:49
A2 Amrol The Never Ending Show 4:05
A3 Welcome (9) Schocked ! 4:14
A4 Telepherique Beruhigung 4:15
A5 Westland Hidden In Argentine 2:12
A6 Jaws Of The Flying Carpets Banished People 4:16
A7 Bruce Atchison Coarse 4:42
B1 La Fresto Hassium 1984 1:35
B2 Corona Spinea The Waves Of The Sea 4:52
B3 M.NOMIZED Source 8:52
B4 Kora (3) Sibuce 0:59
B5 Stone Body Noisey Mixes 6:55
B6 Ercole Attonito Pestilentia 7:27

Thursday 12 June 2014

FUTILE EXSISTENCE-Mental As Nothing-(c30-1995-Scattered Productions-Finland)

I do not know much about this project,they were Finnish and made 2 split tapes,the first with Grunt and the second with Supposed To Be.
Their music is a violent form of electro industrial noise flirting with the grindcore.
Scattered Productions was a small tape label active in the mid 90s,here the discogs page where you`ll find  some of their other releases.
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Wednesday 11 June 2014

NOBDRUN-Ingot-(Cat Killer-Germany-1993-C60)

Nobdrun is Richard Donhauser also involved Zentral Zerstoerter Zwoelffingerdarm.He seems still active now-days using his real name.In this work, Nobdrun offers us a good dose of mixed noise and rhythms and more strange experiments of sound collage.
Catkiller is the personal label of Carsten Vollmer already covered in this blog.Carsten was printing 93 copies of each Catkiller release.I guess this is long gone now...
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Tuesday 10 June 2014

DIE TESTERS-Demo-(Self Released-Germany-c10-199?)

4 tracks on this demo by the German Die Testers, they were hailing from Berlin and they were a proper full ska orchestra with 8 or 9 people.
They made a fantastic gig at the Squatted Swimming Pool in Foggia, all dressed in swimsuits including fins and all the snorkeling gears, very funny gig if you think there was no water in the pool anyway.
They were good musicians and very nice people.Here a  page with some info about their line up.
Although recorded live this tape is great and it has all the vibrant energy of their live shows, if you are into ska then you`ll love this one.
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PIUME E SANGUE-Jingle Beo-(Audiofile tapes-Usa-c60-1994)

Piume e sangue is Gi Gasparin and Paolo Dal Balcon-quite an interesting tape here released by the  incredible American audiofile Tapes label back in 1994.I spoke already about this great label linking an interesting interview with its mastermind Carl Howard.
3 years ago I passed another  tape called "I corpi 68.28.38." by Piume E Sangue to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,that link is still Ok,get it here.
Enjoy it!!!
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Sunday 8 June 2014

Voices Green & Purple n1 (Mail Art Documentation, Fanzine,Italy-90s)

Voices Green and Purple was a mail art project managed by the mail artist Mario Aquilino.This is the documentation to this  project.13 mail artists took part sending  A5 size artworks to Mario who assembled them into a fanzine.
Beside the mail art Mario was also involved in 2 seminal bands,he was in fact a very good guitar player with a great love for the garage punk, the psychedelic movement of the 60s and the b-movies.
He played in The Neolithics:a very good band of garage punk 60s style. 
I passed to Radiomolotov blog their discography tape "Eclipse" back in 2009,that link is still ok,please go here to get that fabulous tape.
When The Neolithics splitted up Mario formed with few friends The Petrifieds,a band into surf raw rock`n`roll and b-movies culture.Gianamria of Italian Do It Yourself blog posted both tape and 7inch by this band-please get it here
Sadly Mario passed away in december 1997 and I still miss him very much.
This post is dedicated to him. 

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Saturday 7 June 2014

LIZGIZZAD-Lizgizzad-(UK-Self Released-199?)

5 tracks on this one side only cassette by this English band from Leeds.
Lizgizzad plays a weird yet powerful noise/industrial punk.
I am not sure when this tape came out, I guess the mid-90s.
I know that Pig Havok(guitarist and singer) was also involved in Pleasant Valley Children, Bugeyed and Cosmonauts Hail Satan.
 LG revolved around the trio of Ron Tree (bass, vocals), Paul Clarke aka Pig Havok (guitar, vocals) and Mick Flower (drums) and a few additional collaborators.
This is a great tape for people into chaotic noise/punk played with instruments. Enjoy it.
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Friday 6 June 2014

v.a.-PROSTHETICS- cd with CHAPTER 23,DEATH SQUAD,RADIOSONDE(Spastik Kommunikations,7hz,Ritual Document Release-Usa-1998)

Ritual Industrial Noise by those 3 projects :Chapter 23,Death Squad and Radiosonde.Here a note about this cd:
"Self annihilation expressed through aesthetic limbs"
Released in conjunction with the 1998 Self Annihilation tour.
Packaged in a plain cardboard sleeve with artwork & information sticker across the front and back. (Sticker needs to be cut to open.)
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies"

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Thursday 5 June 2014

ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE-One with Universe-(c60-Greece-Self Released-199?)

I do not know much about this duo,I think they were from Athens(Greece) and I probably received it from Iason of 1000+1 TiLt Recs.
Their music is a kind of  hyperdelic psych weird rock mixed with some teckno made with machines and  instruments and voices...they must have been involved in the squatting movement  since in the special thanx there is Villa Amalias,a famous historic anarchist squat in Athens.
I really like this one,the recording is very good but the cover-sleeve is missing  the art-work and  basic info and  for me these are the only low points for this production.
Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 4 June 2014

v.a.- SUBWAY TO DEATH -(Sick Records-UK-c60-198?)

About this tape  I am going to c+p some info taken from discogs webpage :
"Sick Records was founded by members of the Decay,basically to release the band's own stuff.
The label then released tapes/records by other bands until one of them became to lazy
and was kicked out(me!)-definitely justified.The 2 other guys then decided to start
Far Out Records (2) while I started Resistance Productions..."

The link for this page  is here.
However this compilation is not on that page and it seems to have been released on the end of the 80s and then distributed from Resistance Productions in fact I am sure I  received it from Pablo of R.P.
For the tracklist and  some info  I am  attaching the scans of the cover-sleeve pages.
Everything is a bit messy on the cover-sleeve and some of the recordings are not the best, as for the music  expect raw punk and anarchist lyrics.
I guess this is very hard to find now.

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Tuesday 3 June 2014

DACHISE "Inverted Music"-SILBERMAN "The Decreasing intentions" - split tape(Racing Room tapes-UK-c60-1996)

Dachise is Paul Daniel Knowles a musician from London, UK. The Dachise moniker was retired in 1999. Currently using the name Digitariat, The.
Silberman is  Jarrett Silberman also involved in those bands Skull Sküll, Uphill Gardeners, The, Young People.
Racing Room Tapes was a small English tape label active from 1995 to 2000. 


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Monday 2 June 2014

3 Fanzines Diferentes En Un Proyecto Comun-(fanzine,Spain,1996)

This is a very interesting project,a 3 way split fanzine:Simbiosis En La Abstraccion,Homo Homini Lupus and Aless Vill.
 500 copies(or maybe 1000)Professional printed in b/w back in 1996.
It has amazing graphic works,interviews,poetries,comics,very good articles ranging from drugs related issues to social controls critics,anti-fascism,anti-sexism and more random thoughts about freedom and slavery.
I love the nice graphic layouts making clear the different people working on it.
Very good  fantasy and ideas.
For the zine lovers around the world speaking spanish-yes this zine is in spanish language only.And this is the only low point,maybe...
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