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Monday 2 June 2014

3 Fanzines Diferentes En Un Proyecto Comun-(fanzine,Spain,1996)

This is a very interesting project,a 3 way split fanzine:Simbiosis En La Abstraccion,Homo Homini Lupus and Aless Vill.
 500 copies(or maybe 1000)Professional printed in b/w back in 1996.
It has amazing graphic works,interviews,poetries,comics,very good articles ranging from drugs related issues to social controls critics,anti-fascism,anti-sexism and more random thoughts about freedom and slavery.
I love the nice graphic layouts making clear the different people working on it.
Very good  fantasy and ideas.
For the zine lovers around the world speaking spanish-yes this zine is in spanish language only.And this is the only low point,maybe...
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