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Tuesday 24 June 2014

SIVULLINEN Zine n14 + N15 (Winter and Summer 1993-Finland)

 I wrote about  Sivullinen International Newsletter.
Those ones instead are 2 issues of the fanzine with the same name,published  by Jouni Waarakangas in Helsinki(Finland)!!!
Jouni was collecting artworks from different artists around the world and printing this beautiful zines in a print-run of 1000 copies.
Those 2 numbers are packed with black and white art-works,graphix,drawings,strange poems,weird comics,poetries and more random thoughts.
This is a classic from the underground press of the 90s and  if you are into zines then you should not miss those ones.
Very good and funny, those zines are really priceless.
Here the link for two more already posted Sivullinen17 and 19.
Great zines all the pages around... 
sivullinen 14 
sivullinen 15 

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  1. I think my good friend Timo Palonen was one of the contributors for that zine. I have a couple issues he wrote stuff in. I can't understand it though.