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Sunday 8 June 2014

Voices Green & Purple n1 (Mail Art Documentation, Fanzine,Italy-90s)

Voices Green and Purple was a mail art project managed by the mail artist Mario Aquilino.This is the documentation to this  project.13 mail artists took part sending  A5 size artworks to Mario who assembled them into a fanzine.
Beside the mail art Mario was also involved in 2 seminal bands,he was in fact a very good guitar player with a great love for the garage punk, the psychedelic movement of the 60s and the b-movies.
He played in The Neolithics:a very good band of garage punk 60s style. 
I passed to Radiomolotov blog their discography tape "Eclipse" back in 2009,that link is still ok,please go here to get that fabulous tape.
When The Neolithics splitted up Mario formed with few friends The Petrifieds,a band into surf raw rock`n`roll and b-movies culture.Gianamria of Italian Do It Yourself blog posted both tape and 7inch by this band-please get it here
Sadly Mario passed away in december 1997 and I still miss him very much.
This post is dedicated to him. 

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