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Wednesday 4 June 2014

v.a.- SUBWAY TO DEATH -(Sick Records-UK-c60-198?)

About this tape  I am going to c+p some info taken from discogs webpage :
"Sick Records was founded by members of the Decay,basically to release the band's own stuff.
The label then released tapes/records by other bands until one of them became to lazy
and was kicked out(me!)-definitely justified.The 2 other guys then decided to start
Far Out Records (2) while I started Resistance Productions..."

The link for this page  is here.
However this compilation is not on that page and it seems to have been released on the end of the 80s and then distributed from Resistance Productions in fact I am sure I  received it from Pablo of R.P.
For the tracklist and  some info  I am  attaching the scans of the cover-sleeve pages.
Everything is a bit messy on the cover-sleeve and some of the recordings are not the best, as for the music  expect raw punk and anarchist lyrics.
I guess this is very hard to find now.

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