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Wednesday 1 May 2019

DAWSON-Cheese Market-(Gruff Wit Records/ The Making Of Americans-UK/USA-1994)

This is an enormous cd including the first 2 albums: "Barf Market : You're Ontae Plums" and  " How To Follow So That Others Will Willingly Lead (Oh My Godley And Creme Cheese)" by this amazing Glasgow based band active in the early 90s.
Compared to names such as Butthole Surfers and Minutemen, Dawson throws in their songs sheer violence and electric energy mixing some avant-guard fast chaotic guitars riffs, math rhythms, weird vocals and experimental jingles that make their music original and difficult to categorize.
Coming out from the very lively Noize Post Hardcore punk scene from the end of last century, they shared common interests and sweats with Stretchheads, Whirling Pig Dervish and  Archbishop Kebab, all very original bands hailing from Scotland. 
An FB page about them is here, where you can see old flyers and pics, a new band formed by the 3rd era Dawson musicians is called Sumshapes and their Bandcamp page is here  , you can listen/buy their album Cabin Biscuits released June 30, 2017.
This is another great gift as FLAC files coming from my friend Dante, my gratitude to him for his help and support.
Enjoy it.
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Barf Market : You're Ontae Plums
1 Pickle Pie 1:45
2 Diddley Squat 1:57
3 Grinding 1:26
4 Chuckleberry 1:38
5 White Colonial 1:17
6 Face Of W. Biryani 2:59
7 Paranoid Git 1:25
8 From The Loins Of Mr And Mrs Neurosis 1:51
9 Biceps (Flexed Mix) 2:52
10 False Freedom Breaks Dilute 1:34
11 General Specific
Vocals, Words By – Ceebe*
12 Grinding Dub 2:23
13 Process Purpose Vacuum Pack 1:32
14 Molicoke Cocktail 1:32
15 DJ Shinrip 3:48
16 Fifty Years 1:10
17 Preparation 2:03
18 (untitled) 0:32

How To Follow So That Others Will Willingly Lead (Oh My Godley And Creme Cheese)
19 From Bearsden To Baghdad (Via The Erskine Bridge) 2:39
20 Leaf Sweepers And Sandwich Men 1:45
21 Surface Tension 2:18
22 Crick 1:37
23 Records 2:06
24 Booger Hall
Vocals, Words By – Ceebe*
25 25 George Bush's Family Oil Business (Sanitized Version) 3:49
26 Bodies Under The Floor 4:22
27 Pwep Dub 2:03
28 Barb 3:39
29 Datsun Panel Beating Co. 4:14
30 Neil Kinnock Graciously Accept His £150,000 Pay Rise 2:12
31 (untitled: run-out groove) 0:35


  • Other – J. Reid*
  • Written By – Dawson


Bass, guitar, drums, vocals, words, art, engineering, and bloody everything else: Jer, Ali and Richie.
Vocals/words on Booger Hall and General Specific by Ceebe
All songs by J. Reid c Eclectic music (PRS)

Contact Gruff Wit Records / dawson
c/o J .Reid 41 Killermont Road,
Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 2JB, U.K.
Fax: U.K. 041 248 7033

The Making of Americans
P.O. 490, Cooper Station
NYC 10276 USA

Love and Energy:Craig, Robbie,Craig and Sharon, Alice, Fran, Paddy, GOD IS MY CO PILOT, DOG FACED HERMANS, Geoffry, Gertjan, Tamas, Richie, Maw Reid, Ceebe, Angus Feeble, Lisa and Tash and I.B.

GRUFF 011 Making of Americans in co operation with Gruff Wit Records MA -


  1. Wow. Dawson must be one of the best bands ever. I love their entire output. They were also one of those bands that only got better with time! I would love to hear their demo-tape!

  2. THANKS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  3. ...A Great choice for International Workers' Day, too!