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Monday 13 May 2019

HOSTILITER-Age Of Decay-(Suoni Oscuri-Italy-2012)

Hostility was a crust punk band born in 2010 in the Italian city of Viterbo,(Lazio Region). The line up was: Frederico guitar and vocals, Agostino on bass and Coli on drums.
In March 2011, five tracks for Intoxication were recorded.
The lyrics deal with such topics as a criticism of the system, war and religion.

This tape comes with a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics in Italian and English, the recording is very good.
Unfortunately, they are no longer active yet you can check their bandcamp page here, where you find other great productions
while on their FB page you`ll see old flyers and videos.
Their music has a gloomy crust punk edge filled with heavy metallic sounds, think Amebix meets Neurosis deep in the ocean.
A big  Thanx to Ghiko for giving the ok to share this great cassette here.
Enjoy it. 

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