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Saturday 9 April 2016

v.a.-RECYCLING PROJECT n2-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-c90-1990)

I passed this amazing compilation to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog back in 2010,since then other bloggers have posted it on their blogs yet this is my rip and I re-post it because I love this sampler.
If you want to read the very well done review by Crepusculum please go here.
It came out with a very special cover sleeve covered entirely in wallpaper +  A5 size pages with  info and graphix provided by the different bands/projects involved.
I wrote about this amazing label many times now as I posted already lots of very good tapes by it.
If you are into tribal,esoteric eletronickx,noise ambient,industrial and similar music styles this is definetely a tape you should listen.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Majorana The Wedding
A2 Nightmare Lodge N.R.III
A3 T.Q.T.R.* Laxamamentum II
A4 Lyke Wake The Power Of The Dream (Live)
A5 Womb (7) Hallucination
A6 Ezzer/Gella The Inside Soul's Suicide
A7 Therabaqud Leic Pflunger Archè
A8 Giardini di Marzo* Tema
A9 Solar Lodge Bactra Part I
A10 Son (2) Slow & Real
A11 Circus Joy Shout (Live)
B1 Capricorni Pneumatici The Ceremony
B2 Stato Terminale Acciaio
B3 CCC CNC NCN Untitled
B4 Terapia Dura Popolorum Progressio
B5 Ultima Rota Carri Strepitum Mortis
B6 Torngod Lunar Mass Ascending
B7 Nome Marte Alla Volta
B8 Plurale Majestatis Ninnao'2
B9 Subliminale T(ms)=Input
B10 Eiaculazione Amusicale* Esalazione Mistica
B11 Contropotere Tien'a'ment

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