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Wednesday 27 April 2016

FORMER MEMBERS OF ALFONSIN-Former Members Of Alfonsin-(Reaccionaria-Mexico-1999)

"Former Members of Alfonsin do not contain any former members of a band named Alfonsin, so don't go looking for another band. They were, however, a really good (and interesting) mix of melodic hardcore and 90's emo sound. Fast at times and able to take it up to a frantic hardcore punk pace at times, they for the most part did the melodic hardcore thing with the old emo talk/sing-scream vocals (though some songs include alternating male/female vocals). Political, straight edge, funny- they truly deserve a proper re-release but until then they at least deserve some more recognition."(from what we want we must create a blog)
Very good recording, nice cover sleeve with lyrics and info.
Reaccionaria was a totally diy punk label from Monterrey(Northern Mexico)born in 1998 and  run by Fernando Lozano (2)
Enjoy it.
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