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Friday 22 April 2016

ONE BY ONE-One By One-(Words Of Warnings Recs-UK-1992)

Amazing lp by the  mighty One By One: Newcastle, Leeds, Bradford based band who released two studio 7”'s, a Peel Session, an LP, and a split LP which never came out and an LP which never got mixed: A half studio half live 7" plus various comp tracks.
Completed tours of Europe, UK & the US.(from discogs)

This is another band including Sned, drummer and founder of the punk label Flat Earth.His blog about this label is here
I tried to find the booklet of this album on the net and I did realize that it is was not available.So I decided to post it here.
Amazing graphix,very good lyrics and messages.
If you are in HC Punk you`ll  love this one.
To complete this post I am attaching  a video that I created for one of the song of this great album.
It talks about the P.M.R.C. and all those big framed up stories behind it.Very cinical and at the same time critical and challenging, it is still very present after more that 20 years of its release.
A masterpiece,simply.
Enjoy it.
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