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Tuesday 5 February 2019

v.a.-REALLY FAST Vol 6-(Really Fast Records-Sweden-1991)

Volume  6 of this amazing series...I have already posted many of them, you'll find them here.
 14 crazy bands playing pure HC Punk and shooting at us their violent tunes, yeah it is really fast indeed.
 A very interesting interview with Patrik Jonsson, a founding member of this label, is here.
Enjoy it.

- Cry That's The Breaks
Cry Baby Don't Make Me Hate You
Step Forward For Myself
Step Forward My Love
Step Forward Does It Make A Difference
Redneck Zombies Blocked In The Head
New Wind* Bright Side Of Life
Public Vision Depression
Pre-Historic* Angel
Pre-Historic* Thing
Crücifix* En Annorlunda Julklapp
Crücifix* Kravaller I City
Moses (29) Arbetsglädje
Moses (29) Åt Helvete
Dim Reflections A Trail Of Experience
Dim Reflections Just A Boy
Lisa Gives Head My Solution
Ashram (3) She Said
F.Z.Ö.* Tankar
Sauna (4) Sjukdom
Sauna (4) Stench Of Death
Allena Vriden Värld
Allena Tecken

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