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Monday 25 February 2019

NAUSEA-Live In BRNO-(Not On Label-1991)

Nausea was a hardcore/punk band from New York, NY (USA) formed in 1985 and disbanding in 1992. They were one of the few bands in the New York City hardcore/punk scene at the time playing punk/crust while most of the other bands made the trademark NYHC sound popular.
Although they just had one LP and a few 7" singles and compilation tracks they were really popular among the worldwide crust scene and even managed to tour Europe in 1991.
A Discogs page about them is here yet this tape isn`t listed there. An FB page is here.
The cover sleeve reports only the address of the band and no song titles yet I managed to get the right song-titles double checking/listening their various productions.
The overall recording is pretty good, delivering us their full force as a very powerful live act.
Enjoy it.

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  1. You have to look in the bootleg section: