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Thursday 28 February 2019

SCUM OF SOCIETY-Violenza Legale-(AZ Autoproduzioni-Italy-1996)

First 7 inch by this crust punk combo from Latina, I have already posted their demo self-released in 1994.
This piece of vinyl offers us the same cruse violent d-beat punk
with political messages and angry vocals. 
8 tracks well recorded and well played exploding rage and rebellion.
It came out with a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics and poilitical writings in English and Italian in a very punk graphic layout. (scans included here)
Az Autoproduzioni was a small label from Pavia(Northern Italy)that started releasing a  zine called Astro Zombies from which they took the name AZ. They were into anarcho-punk and libertarian books and zines.
I have posted their very first cassette production, you`ll find it here. 
Enjoy it.
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