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Wednesday 25 December 2019

v.a.-FLORALIA Vol. 1-(On/Off Records-Italy-1997)

Volume one of this great compilation series, I have already posted the Vol. 2.
Also here a bunch of obscure bands/artists playing various forms of psych-rock, it came out with a booklet reporting info and pics/graphic works about the bands. All the relevant scans provided.
 On/Off Records was an Italian independent label from Spotorno (Savona); in 1998 changed the name in beware! RECORDS, continuing the same catalogue numbering.
And also this time, It is a precious gift from my friend Dante, who kindly donated this amazing sampler as FLAC files adding a personal little note. A big Thank You, dear Dante.
Enjoy it.
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 As with Vol.2, Floralia #1 presents us with a wide variety of indie-psych, rock & space-pop sounds. Mostly Italian bands this time, understandably. So far, I'm still only familiar with half of it, but the highlights for me are, naturally, Kryptästhesie (quite the Saucerful!), and Subterraneans (driving, retro fuzz), Olographic Landscape (bouyant interlude), Experimental Low-Fi Pop Oscillator (reminds me of The American Analog Set), the 2nd entry by Backwards,
Angus Bidoli (pre-launch warm-up). 

Gastel Etzwane provides the most welcome experimental sounds like the album's closer. As I hear flashes of early Floyd in many of the bands, which is also quite natural, then Gastel is the Ron Geesin of the entourage. (Dante)


1 Mirabilia (2) The Economy Of Thinking 5:48
2 Oak (26) Taverna Magica 6:08
3 Kryptästhesie Mara E La Macchina Del Tempo 6:36
4 Gli Acidi Tonanti Le Sfere Angelicali 3:48
5 Gli Acidi Tonanti Cattedrale Di Luce 3:34
6 Subterraneans (3) Something About You / Inner Space 6:59
7 Olographic Landscape Sole 17 1:58
8 Knot Toulouse Jamboree 5:39
9 Experimental Low-Fi Pop Oscillator Three Suns 7:05
10 Angus Bidoli Oscurità 6:34
11 Backwards I'm In You 2:20
12 Backwards Merry-Go-Round 3:51
13 Sunscape (4) Libera Esplosione 7:16
14 Howth Castle The Golden Lotus 4:01
15 Gastel Etzwane La Liquefazione Di Fleba E Vignola 4:47

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