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Wednesday 19 May 2021

v.a. - OUROBOROS - (Noise Corruption-UK-2017)


 Noise Corruption is an irregular London party nights, featuring Live Artists as well as DJ sets, including: d.i.y electronics / noise / speedcore / industrial / breakcore / hardcore / gabber http://noisecorruption.com

Ouroboros was a collaboration between over 30 artists - 5 days of exhibition, 2 days of performance and workshops. Our aspiration is to be free to create a noncommercially-driven, artistic reflective interpretation of contemporary issues such as housing, the environment, mental health, gender and capitalism's crisis.​

 OUROBOROS is our platform for presenting our ideas to a wider public, to inspire others to become political, to talk about social problems, to share a view of the world in our way - not driven by cash, but by passion.

OUROBOROS is entirely run by a volunteer collective that aspires to create multicultural harmony and empower dialogue for social and personal transformation through the arts.
This cd is a compilation featuring the artists who performed Friday 17th February 2017 during Ouroboros exhibition.  click me


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