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Monday 22 September 2014

v.a.-LA BAS at the 121-(Video-Hagshadow Prods-UK-2000-compilation with:Putrifier,Dachise,M.S.B.R.,Sshe Retina Stimulants,Government Alpha,Death Squad,Radiosonde,Costes and many more)[unreleased on the net]

La Bas is a video compilation edited and  distributed by Hagshadow,it reports the first gigs organized by this management in 1998.
All the gigs here were at 121 anarchist centre,a very famous social squatted centre active in Brixton(South London) since a very long time and sadly evicted on august 1999 due to gentrification.
 This video cassette came out in a very special  case,the  VHS pack all spray painted was enveloped in a silver plastic bag,including various  inserts with info about the events and the artists.All the relevant scans are included  here.It was released in a limited edition of 100 copies in 2000.
This is an amazing document about the d.i.y. noise-industrial scene of the late 90s in London-UK.
The video recording is just amazing,especially thinking that this was a VHS,the quality both audio and video is very good and it deliver us the trembling energy of those artists.Amazing performances by Skrol,VO.I.D,M.S.B.R.,Putrifier,Azazel Butech,Radiosonde,the crazy side of the provocative theatre by Costes and Marianne,the razorblades + "the blood ink" by Death Squad,the improvised noise collaboration by Sshe Retina Stimulants+Noise Girl+Government Alpha makes this  video compilation a real pearl for the noise lovers worldwide.
To end this  introduction I must give a big thanx to Hagshadow for donating this amazing compilation to my blog and another big thanx to B.A.O. for the video conversion from VHS to digital format.
Enjoy this great video,for the first time on the net.
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1 Putrefier Untitled
2 Dachise Untitled
3 Sshe Retina Stimulants Untitled
4 M.S.B.R.* Untitled
5 Government Alpha Untitled
6 Sshe Retina Stimulants / Government Alpha / Noise Girl* Untitled
7 Death Squad Untitled
8 Azazel Butech Untitled
9 Skrol Untitled
10 Radiosonde Untitled
11 VO.I.D Untitled
12 Costes & Marianne (5) Untitled


  1. thank you for your continuously amazing energies invested towards documenting superb attributes ov industrial and punk counter-culture!!

    beAst wishes!!!

    1. thanx a lot for your comments--it is always nice to know that our work as bloggers is apprecciated :)

  2. Love Your blog .....thank you for this!

  3. Estoy sumamente agradecido con este magnifico blog, gracias por publicar material tan selecto, de culto e inexistente en la Internet.