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Sunday 27 November 2016

DER PILZ-Chora Szum-(Trummer Kassetten-Germany-c60-1991)

Der Pilz is another project by the very active artist : Lutz Pruditsch.
I wrote about him when I posted the amazing tapes by Tarkatak
Lutz is also the head-master of the astonishing german tape label Trummer Kassetten  covered in this blog quite few time now.  You will find more info about this label here.
In this well crafted tape Lutz offer us 17 nice tracks of drone/noize- ambient,the cover sleeve is a little A5 size booklet with graphix works and few info.
Enjoy it.
A1In Lenzburg 3:46
A2 Die Andere Welt 2:42
A3 Durch Herz Und Seele 7:29
A4 Wer Denkt Daran 2:22
A5 Felsen Zerschmettern 1:12
A6 Höflichkeiten Des Alltags 2:46
A7 Tiefer Atem 3:16
A8 Ich Denke Über Alles Nach 5:07
B1 Untitled (Sinuous Line) 0:21
B2 Du Wirst Schreien Wenn Du Nicht Sprichst 2:07
B3 Hirn Rasen 2:38
B4 Am See 4:56
B5 -----*----- 3:25
B6 Es Bleibt Die Frage 3:33
B7 Das Atom 3:18
B8 Die Zugfahrt Nach Z. 3:26
B9 Im S.F.-Werk+ 5:49



Come in A5-sized cover in a plastic bag.

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