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Friday 21 November 2014

DIVISION BY ZERO-May Come As A Smooth Round Stone...-(Self Released-Usa-199?)

Another nice tape by Division By Zero,a band from Blaine(USA).I have very little info about them,their music is a aggressive raw kind of industrial mixed with some punk or metal,few  electronic samples,distorted guitar riffs,angry vocals,some synth textures,all in all very good.
I really like it.
I did post already one of their tape,here that post.Not sure if this tape was released before or after the one already posted.
Anybody out there with more info about this band???I`d love to know more...
Enjoy It.
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  1. This was a third release. The second was called "Porn to Kill." I can't remember how many of each were made, I think 100 of the blue one. Far fewer of this one.

    1. at Shaawano,Thank You very much for those info.:)