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Thursday 13 November 2014

JAY T. YAMAMOTO-Lo _Fi-(Noise-Taiwan-c50-1995)

Exactly 2 years ago I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum,it`s not available there anymore so I re-post it here with the same info: 
Very interesting wall of noise delivered to us from the man who is called the very first noise artist from Hawaii: Jay T. Yamamoto.
On this tape released by the Taiwanese label Noise back in 1995 our Hawaian artist offers us 10 tracks mixed with random noise, field recordings, radio inputs, and more “out of ears” weird electro experiments, all crafted with strange vocals and messages against commercial music and/or anti-art ideas.
This production came out with a nice little booklet including a small but interesting interview with the artist and few cool comics.
Jay was also involved in other musical projects: Valeries`s Cheescake Money and Stuart K.-
He used a mormon tabernacle choir mixed with nasty messages of rape and despair for one track just to offer an example, and the tape keeps going with lots of other shapes of noises/vocals... interesting and provoking this is a must for industrial lovers of the mysterious unknown!
...and yes I did scan the booklet for your “pleasure” reading-
Scary sounds for gloomy meditations??? Maybe! Up to you to try...

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Track listing:

A1 A Dirty Fish
A2 Steelworker
A3 Kurt Cobain In Hell Pt. 1
A4 The Happiness Of Things (Nov. 18, 1978)
A5 Stockhaus End
B1 The Doors
B2 Back To The Extinction

B3 Saw A Dog
B4 11-17
B5 Force The Hand Of Fat

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