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Thursday 6 November 2014

DSIP-Falling LightHouse-(Cat Killer-Germany-c60-1993)

Another nice cassette by this amazing  duo,I wrote already about them when I posted Subliminal Sculptures,The Grim Scenario and Time Zone Eyes.
Dsip is Dieter Mauson+Siegmar Fricke  researching on sleep & dreams states, ambient hypnotic sounds in great German electronic tradition. 
This project was founded in 1989 and active until summer 1994.
After almost 20 years of hiatus they re-formed in 2013,this is their actual blog and soundcloud page.
There are still available other 11 of their tapes ripped by me and donated to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,get them here.
I also spoke already quite few times about Cat Killer,German label managed by Carsten Vollmer,who seems to be still active as noise musician. 
A small yet great treasure from the past!
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