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Saturday 29 November 2014

THE LAST (Fanzine-Self Released-Italy-199?)

The Last is a comic fanzine created,designed and written by Gianluca Ricchiardi.He was born in Taranto (Southern Italy) and after different travels in the Italian boot he settled down in Torino(Northern Italy).
His close friends used to call him just Virus,he was a very talented comic artist.
This fanzine was released in a  limited edition of 100 copies and he described it as : "diy comic:style=splatter hardcore destroy & search cyber hip hop".
It was an A5 16 pages fanzine printed as laser photocopy,which allows us to appreciate his astonishing  drawing`s style.I must make a note about the printing method:laser xerox copies back in the 90s were very expensive therefore it was very rare to have a totally diy fanzine fully printed as laser photocopy.
The story itself is also very funny,unfortunately only in Italian language yet the lovers of certain comics will love his drawings.
Virus died in a car crash in Torino in the end of the 90s.
He was a very nice guy and a  great artist.
This post is dedicated to him.
Enjoy it.
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