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Wednesday 30 March 2016

v.a.-THE CAR 004-(Old Europa Cafe-Italy-c60-1991)

Another old release by the amazing Old Europa Cafe, Italian label specializing in ambient, noise, industrial, and power electronics since the late 1980s and run by Rodolfo Protti
I posted already quite a few old tapes by this label, it is still active nowadays organizing gigs and releasing lots of very good artists, its actual webpage is here. 
This compilation features a bunch of nice projects active in those old days. It came out in a plastic envelope with coloured xerox copy listing the addresses of the artists and the song titles.
Enjoy It.
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A1 A. D. Eker Human Error
A2 Lieutenant Caramel Panorama
A3 The Velvet Swines Speed Racer
A4 Disumana Res Soundtrack For Car Cemetery
A5 M.Nomized La Voilure...Acid Remix
A6 Klimperei On Y Va?
B1 Monty Cantsin ?!* Le Pont
B2 Machine Maid Man Cars
B3 Curious Voltage Sex In Cars
B4 Brume Flesh And Chrome
B5 Pol Silentblock Motor Movie
B6 Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer Metallic Monstrosity
B7 Philip J. Let's Go
B8 Weird Asylum Proud Of My Car While Seeing Marmelade