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Tuesday 30 June 2015

SOLANACEAE TAU-A Chemical In Debris-(Nihilistik Noise-Germany-c60-1989)

Solanaceae Tau were an anti-fascist band from Germany active throughout the middle 80s until the middle 90s. 
They released lots of good tapes both d.i.y. and on different tape labels. Their music is a good mix of cold/dark wave and experimental-electronics made with samples, keyboards, female vocals, drum machine, and sometimes guitar. Some of their productions come with full lyrics inserts while some others come with less info(I did scan + add  the cover sleeve + lyrics in this folder). I am not sure if they re-formed back in 2000 when they released a cdr. In 2007 they released a new cdr called "Novus Ordum Seclorum” 
This tape is a classic of their amazing discography. 
Enjoy it.
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