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Wednesday 2 July 2014

STEVE ANDREWS-From Venus With Love-(Joukkomurha Productions-Finland-1996-c60)

Steve Andrews is a singer-songwriter form Cardiff in South Wales, who was also known as The Legendary Steve Andrews and The Legend. He had his songs released on various underground cassette albums, as well as on Mask, a vinyl EP on Pink Lemon, and a vinyl LP entitled Sound of One on Very Good Records - both from Germany. His song Jungle Love was included on the vinyl Various Artists compilation Meltdown The Album LP on Chariot Records in 1990. He was a guest on many local radio shows and also performed at Glastonbury Festival amongst the many gigs he played at the time.(from discogs)
For some stuff Steve Andrews reminds me Lord Litter although with less genius aura!
Joukkomurha-Productions was a small label active in the 90s and managed by Jupe Luoma in Finland.
A very good tape-work for deviated new age hippies on wrong pathways to the inner lights...
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