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Sunday 20 July 2014

NIGREDO-Cantione Profanae(Putrefactio-Portugal-c46-199?)+NIGREDO-Carmina Defunctorum-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1994)

Nigredo was the project of Paulo Maldoror and Lucrecia Borsh,I spoke already about them when I posted the tape Pro Defunctis by Sol Niger.
"Processed sounds of ritual esoteric feedback distortions mixed with reverberated horns,distant chants and restrained clangs of metal bring us into a dark world of distant voices calling for the awakening of the soul for a new birth."

Those 2 tapes are a great example of esoteric electronickx!!!A must for all the lovers of ritual dark ambient and magick messages.
Cantiones Profanae was released on Putrefactio in Portugal,this was the personal label of Paulo Maldoror,I kind of re-call, it was 1992 while Carmina Defunctorum came out on the Italian legendary cassette label Slaughter Productions managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue in 1994.
I am including here the flyer of Cantione Profanae tape and a slide show from my youtube channel .
Enjoy it.
cantione profanae
carmina defunctorum

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