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Monday 28 July 2014

v.a.-FOOD FOR DOGS-(Pang Produzioni-Italy-1995)

Pang was a fanzine and a distribution managed by Claudio Pomo in Firenze(Northen Italy) in the mid 90s.
This compilation is mainly crust punk and grindcore,it  was a beneift for a local doghouse therefore the name of this compilation.
I am going to attach here the introduction that Claudio wrote on the little booklet coming with this tape,very good recording and nice recycled cover-sleeve,enjoy it.
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A1 Agathocles Another Need To Be Fed
A2 Agathocles Screenfreak
A3 Agathocles Bring Down Their Throne
A4 Dismachine Djurens Skyldigheter
A5 Cripple Bastards Porco Dio
A6 Cripple Bastards T.L.O.H.
A7 Cripple Bastards Radije Volim
A8 Forgardur Helvitis* Kjot Med Gati
A9 Forgardur Helvitis* Hora
A10 Crunch (10) Subito
A11 Crunch (10) Down In The Streets
A12 Sweet Noise Of Silence Ten Sweet Noise Ballads
A13 Battle Of Disarm Anti Vivisection
A14 Battle Of Disarm Dead Vivisector
A15 Endless Hate The Long Wait
A16 Endless Hate Build Your Path
B1 Capitalist Casualties Three Live Songs
B2 Scum Of Society Blood Of War
B3 Scum Of Society Everyday Nightmare
B4 Rotten Sound Subordinated
B5 Rotten Sound Corporate Fuck
B6 Rotten Sound Renewer
B7 Ottawa Their Ploy
B8 Ottawa A Million Reasons
B9 Fuck Off Cittadini
B10 Fuck Off Razza
B11 Hinfamy Who Dares Fight
B12 Hinfamy Death On The Shelves
B13 Hinfamy Disfigured Hero
B14 Hinfamy Cannibalistic World
B15 Shears Ho Scelto Di Non Scegliere
B16 Shears Wall Of Sadness
B17 Society Of Jesus Quindici Anni
B18 Society Of Jesus Society Of Jesus/MI.D.

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