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Tuesday 29 March 2022

Ατοπία – Ατοπία - (Do It Yourself-Greece-2012)

 ATOPIA is the evolution of a legendary 90s Greek anarcho-punk band ANATELLON TROMOS, before Alexandros joined in. I wrote about Alexandros when I interviewed him about another of his ex-band Straitjacket Fit.

At the moment Alex has 2 interesting tribal/industrial projects : Grim Machine and Black Faun, both projects already covered in this blog.

Atopia plays a personal form of HC punk mixed with some prog-thrash metal, interesting is the use of the violin played by Despina,it comes out as a special sound but somehow it fits there,making this cd well worth exploring.

I have to admit that it took me a while to get the whole picture of their music,somehow it is intense.Probably understading the lyrics will make a huge difference.

A big thanks to Alexandros for this great gift sent to me via d E last summer and a big thanks to Ion of E.T.C. for writing in romanic characters the Greek titles and traslating them into english + translating the introduction for this cd by the band: 

I'm scared of the nice words
that can't stand the weight of the moments

I'm sorry for the lovers of the Truth
that deny to see its ugliness
I'm boring of the big feasts-
the addicted clients of the Arena
I want my screams 
to not be accessible to everyone 
I admire the wounded birds
that dare to feeded by their flesh
There are no able-bodied(/wellshaped) winners
There are no "magic" solutions
To get the music ,please visit Atopia Blog where you will find this album in streaming and as a free download.
Enjoy it.
Εισαγωγή - Eisagogi - Intro
Καλοκαίρι - Kalokairi - Summer
Σιχαίνομαι - Sichenomai - I'm sick of
Πυροβολήστε τον - Pirovoliste ton - Shoot him
Παιχνιδούπολη - Paichnidoupoli - Toyland
Δεν είμαι είδος - Den eimai eidos - I'm not a species
Στην αυλή των παρείσακτων - Stin avli ton parisakton - In the court of the intrusives
Μία στιγμή - Mia stigmi - One moment 
Έγκλειστος κόσμος - Egklistos kosmos - Detained World
Αντίλογος - Antilogos - Contradicting
Υπέροχη θέα - Iperochi  Thea - Marvelous View 



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