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Friday 21 January 2022

TERMINUS-Hands Up For An Early Grave-[Re-Issue-Best Sound Quality]-(K7-TPPL-UK-1992)


 I have posted this tape 9 years ago when I started this blog, that rip was not the best,so I finally re-digitised this tape and now you have a  better sound quality and since this tape is very difficult to find I decide to leave these tracks as waves.

The followers of this blog should know Terminus as I have, already, posted a few rarities by this amazing band. In fact, after posting this tape I got in touch with Mark(the singer & guitarist), who kindly passed on to me a few other tapes to share here.

For the people who missed all the other posts then I just copy and paste the introduction taken from their excellent webpage, I invite you to visit it to read more about this great band, you`ll find there interviews, discography, biography and more.

To finish this small introduction,a very big THANX to Mark for all his help and kindness.Enjoy this rare and fantastic tape, this time with great sound quality.

:f(a*r~a)w_a¬y click me

for those of you who don't already know (and that will be most of you I would think), TERMINUS are/ were a long serving 'punk-rock' band from the Steel Town of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire and have been described
in the local press as anything from 'local rockers', 'indie-speed-doomsters' to (with tongue stuck firmly in cheek
 a 'psychedelic biker band'! None of which fits with singer Mark Richardson's description of the band as "Punk Rock, not punk-rock."
     Elsewhere, in fanzine reviews of gigs and records, comparisons have been drawn between such diverse bands as the Damned, Dead Kennedy's, Conflict, Naked Raygun, Bad Religion, "Motorhead meets the Mob", and "a cross between Hawkwind and the Subhumans." The vocals to such unlikely folk as Jake Thackary, Billy Bragg and Oi Polloi (in the same German review!), Dave Vanian and Animal (from Anti Nowhere League and again both in the same review) and even Richard Butler and Bauhaus! Needless to say the band themselves consider all such comparisons dubious and the possible result of alcohol abuse. More likely is the simple fact that, although charges of inconsistency and idleness would certainly stick, they could never be accused of being as musically one dimensional as many of their contemporaries.

What follows is a brief history of the band compiled by longest serving member and founder of the band, Mark, for the information of those who have and still show an interest in the bands past and, who knows, maybe present activities.

John Fleming (RIP)

 (from their webpage)


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