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Tuesday 25 January 2022

v.a. - NAIVE - (Earache-UK-1992)

 Just giving this a 20th anniversary listen, I'm blown away. It becomes so obvious that at that time Earache was THE leading label for category-defying heavy music. Some of the greatest heavy string players are featured on it (Justin Broadrick, James Plotkin, Bill Laswell, Al Cisneros, Matt Pike), all of whom had already written major chapters in heaviness or were starting to do so.
Still wondering why it sounds so fresh ...
(review by Krawadde published on Discogs on 30 Nov. 2012)   click me



1Fudge TunnelS.R.T5:12
4Pitch Shifter*Decontruction3:53
5PainKiller (2)Black Chamber2:29
6Clutch (3)Impetus3:18
8Fudge TunnelSpanish Fly5:27
9Pitch Shifter*Silo3:51
10ScornThoughts Of Escape5:15
11PainKiller (2)One Eyed Pessary1:51
12OLD*Disconnect Self4:32
13Clutch (3)Pile Driver2:31
14SleepThe Druid4:52

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