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Thursday 1 April 2021

TOO DUMB TO DIE-Too Dumb To Die-(Self Released-UK(?)-2008)

 Another mystery CD-r out of my messy collection and I do not remember at all, how and when I got it.Too Dumb To Die in this cd is a trio playing famous and less famous jazz tunes.

Jimbino Vegan:Clarinet ,Johnny:Contrabass and Trinlemba:guitar and vocals performed amazing cover songs spanning various countries and ages.There are very few info about the trio and the tunes included yet a blog of reference called Jazz Workers talks about the band`s adventures  travelling and busking in China and Japan in 2007, therefore before recording this CD-r. Quite a few funny stories on that blog ...

If you have other info about this trio,please leave a comment,I`d love to know more.

Enjoy it.

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