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Saturday 17 April 2021

DUMA YARMA-Bomb In A Crowded Restaurant-(Pesants Revolt Records-UK-1990)

 There is not much info on the net about this band, just a couple of songs on Youtube and their 2 LPs listed on Discogs yet no words at all. I have fragmented reports, they formed in 1988 and probably disbanded around 1992/93. They were from Reading and friends with Radical Dance Faction , they played often together in festivals and parties. This is their first vinyl issued with a folded A2 16 page photocopied booklet, made at Acorn Bookshop, Reading (UK).It reports the lyrics and quite a few strong political messages as comic strips and weird graphics.it is included in the download folder.

 Their music is a personal blend of post-hardcore, new wave, and some hints of old-school industrial, definitely something very original. I don`t know much about the label although I reckon it was associated with the band. To complete this post I am adding the whole album from my Youtube Channel.

3 very big Thanks to Vanessa for introducing me to such an amazing band, lending me her copy of this cool piece of vinyl to digitize for the blog, and providing this info.
Enjoy it.
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  1. This is great to see! I'd semi-forgotten about them, but I bought this and the Somebody Call A Priest LP when they came out. They are still on the shelf behind me. I need to get the latter ripped ... it needs to be heard!

    1. @Badgerstump-I have a digital copy ofSomebody Call A Priest too,I will post it here in future,I am glad you liked this post :)

  2. That would be very excellent ... thanks!