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Tuesday 27 June 2017

ICONS OF FILTH-Not On Her Majesty Service-(Mortarhate Records-UK-1983)

Amazing cassette by the d-beat master's Icons Of Filth-Recorded at X Ntrix Studios, London September 1982 by People Unknown. Original edition!!!!!!!!!! 
The Mortarhate label is owned and run by punk band Conflict (2).
In 1983 it was distributed and administered by Jungle Records, an arrangement that lasted many years, with various other deals also done since 2000.(info from Discogs)
For all the punks around the world, this is ace.
Enjoy it.

A1 One Second To Midnight
A2 Fucked Up State
A3 Midnight
A4 Politricks
A5 Power For Power
B1 They've Taken Everything
B2 Your Military
B3 No Fucking Choice
B4 Dividing Line
B5 Cut The Crap

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