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Tuesday 20 June 2017

v.a-Amber Dregs 004-(Amber Dregs-Sweden-199?)

Number 4 of this international compilation serie,I have posted already the number 1 and the Number 2,compiled and distributed by Anders Bjork in Sweden on the beginning of the 90s.
Different music styles touching the electro,the punk,the industrial and more.The xerox folded cover sleeve reports addresses and songtitles.
Bands Included:Anstalt(Norway),Red harvest(Norway),Shit Smell (Sweden)Skinflick(UK),Ask It Why(Turkey), Brandelli D`odio(Italy),Polidrom(Germany),Another Fine Mess(UK)T.U.O.B.(UK),Human Disaster(Sweden),Corrosive(Germany)Dilonis(Latvia),
Dunkelheit(Norway)Uutuus(Finland),The bruise Violet(UK),Necrosis(Turkey)The Moth(England),Full Slap(Italy).
Enjoy it.

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