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Sunday 25 May 2014

DIVISION BY ZERO-Division By Zero-(Self Released-Usa-1991)

Self released  cassette by this American band,8 tracks recorded in studio-their music is a weird form of electro-punk industrial with effects on the vocals and other strange noises surrounding bass and  guitar.
Nice demo for the lovers of Cosmonauts  Hail Satan,Ministry and similar bands...

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  1. wow how'd you get a hold of this?

    1. hi Shaawano...this tape and the other from Zero Division were borrowed to me by a friend of mine from South Africa...why??

    2. oh that explains it. i remember trading tapes with a guy from SA then lost contact. he must have kept or lost the second cassette. and i think i sent him another one with a handprinted J card. i wonder if I still have his tapes. if memory serves, I was about to send him back a copy of mike oldfield when life took a weird turn so I never did.

      DBZ was my project. I'm glad you like it.

    3. right,I think he is the same guy...in fact he did show me also a cassette by DBZ with a handprinted j-card...I should post it as well...I am glad you did discover my blog :)