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Monday 19 May 2014

BRANDELLI D`ODIO-No Tanax-(Video-Italy-Original Recording 1993>Final Editing 2013-Unreleased]

Another video by Brandelli D`Odio this time not a  long "theatrical performance" but a very short HC Punk song, in fact 1 minute only.This is the very first line up of Brandelli D`Odio and the video was recorded in the practise room of the Squatted Swimming Pool(Social Squatted Center in Foggia-Southern Italy) during October 1993.Gianni was the vocalist,only for this track and the lyric is about the tanax.
The intro and the outro are fragments taken from Electric Tie by Emblema Angelico as those two projects were very closely connected by  strong bonds.
For people into fast distorted music with a short additional electronic deviated twist...


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