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Tuesday 22 December 2015

TARKATAK-Eko-(Biotope Art Organization-UK-c60-1997)

Here is another release of this amazing tape label Biotope Art Organization, I have spoken about this label quite few a times in this blog, “Eko” seems to be one of the last releases by this tape-label. Tarkatak is the project of the German artist Lurs Pruditsch; who also was running the interesting tape label called Trummer Kasseten during the mid 90s.  
Tarkatak seems to be still active nowdays and has been collaborating with different artists during these years of activity: C.Reider, No, Anemone Tube, Deep, Klangwart. Eko was re-released on cd-r by the Italian label Blade Records in 2002 as a limited edition of 120 copies in a painted wood cover. I believe both the tape and the cd-r are quite difficult to find these days. The 4 tracks on this tape consist of a minimal sequencing trancelike music mixing quiet-noize and drone effects. Another small but precious gift for people into ambient for vegetative inner trips.
I  have posted already a tape by this project,you `ll find it here.
Enjoy it.

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