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Sunday 27 December 2015

v.a.-ASIAN PUNK LIVES-(Do It Yourself/Sprout Records-Japan-c60-1997)

Old compilation covering  bands from  South East Asia and Japan.It came out with a  booklet, unfortunately I don`t have it.
The recordings are ok and  the bands offers us a good selection of styles:grindcore,HC punk,ska and punk rock.
Sprout Records was a Japanese label run by Tsuyoshi Konno,more info here.
D.I.Y Records  is a punk/grindcore label from Tokyo, Japan, releasing worldwide artists in limited 7" editions and on other media. D.I.Y Records is owned by Ryuji Asada of Battle Of Disarm.Their actual webpage is here.
Enjoy it.

A1 Argue Damnation Words
A2 Argue Damnation Silence Is Obey
A3 Human Waste (3) Irritation
A4 Human Waste (3) Prostitute
A5 Human Waste (3) Macho Shit
A6 Human Waste (3) Corrupt Media Technology
A7 New Found Heritage Scumbag
A8 New Found Heritage Fuck Off
A9 New Found Heritage Gano´n Ba
A10 Social Outrage (2) Suicide
A11 Social Outrage (2) No Sympathy
A12 Social Outrage (2) Fool Authority
A13 Pregnant Men Booby Trap
A14 Pregnant Men Forgetful
B1 Disobedience Forced Patrionism
B2 Disobedience Priced Of Progression
B3 Abrasive Relations R.P.
B4 Abrasive Relations Hate Speaks
B5 Bench (4) Better Man
B6 Bench (4) Take On Me
B7 Bench (4) Not Gonna Listen
B8 Bench (4) The End
B9 Beyond Description Leech
B10 Beyond Description Rise
B11 The Bollocks (2) Politicians
B12 The Bollocks (2) Justice
B13 The Bollocks (2) Revolution

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