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Saturday 19 December 2015

Alternative n4 -(Fanzine-Resistance Productions-Switzerland-1990)

Another great fanzine by this amazing label:Resistance Productions was a Swiss small totally DIY and anarchist label based in Zurich first and then relocated to Biel. It was managed by Fritze F.T.S., Pablo Van Paz ,Sämy Soyahead, Oli and Lara.They were active from 1988 to 1998.
In their  life they self-released lots of fanzines (for example "No Sanctuary", "Massive Love" and more). leaflets and tapes, mostly compilations + booklets and of course some vinyls as well.I already posted some tapes and fanzines by this cool label.

In this fanzine you`ll find alternative press addresses,Conflict the gathering of 5000,Dusserdorf scene report,Swiss punk scene report,Berlin scene report,Terminus, history,Mega City Four,reviews of tapes and zines + graphix and flyers.
A great tool to research the alternative punk scene of the early 90s.
Printed in off set in its 80 pages you`ll find lots of good informations.
Enjoy it.
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